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Specialized in CBD Topical Lotion

Founded in 2016, Terphouse has applied itself heavily to cannabinoid research. They want to fully exploit what they see as the natural healing properties of cannabinoids like CBD. Initially, their focus was on helping injured athletes recover with CBD. But they encourage people from all walks of life to try their CBD supplements. They really believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from using CBD regularly or as needed.

What’s more, they also see some promise in harvesting terpenes from hemp. These terpenes are natural oils that give botanical plants their individual tastes and odors. Terpenes are suspected to enhance the benefits that people potentially derive from consuming CBD. The terpenes in full-spectrum CBD from hemp produce an ‘entourage effect’ that supercharges the healing. Thus, CBD could potentially relieve pain, reduce inflammation and calm anxious thoughts even faster with terpenes. On this very concept, Terphouse builds its business.

But they also want to stand out with strong customer service. Therefore, they stand by a promise to fill all orders and inquiries within 24-hours’ time. They want to make sure they can get the information or product that they need. Moreover, they want to inform and educate their customers about CBD so they can make well-informed CBD selections. They feel that this will give potential customers confidence in their brand.

Terphouse commits to delivering quality products with pure ingredients so users can enjoy a supposedly healthier and better life. For their customers’ dosing needs, they produce CBD supplements in topical and edible forms.

Dr. Ganja currently stocks Terphouse CBD topical lotion.

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