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THC-O Distillate 1oz

11 Customer Reviews
2 Answered Questions

$59.00 Free Discreet Shipping & Easy Returns

Cannabinoid: THC-O
Terpenes: Unterped
Spectrum: Full Spectrum
Amount: 1oz
Form: Distillate

Pure and potent THCO Distillate straight from the source here at Dr. Ganja. This top-quality distillate is one of the cleanest and most versatile THCO products on the market! Although typically dabbed or vaped, the sky is the limit as it can be ingested as well! This THCO concentrate is hemp-derived and has been rigorously tested for safety, purity, and strength. For those new to THCO, THCO is a THC analogue that is highly psychoactive and with each jar containing 28g or 1 oz of THCO distillate, a little goes a long way. If you’re new to THCO or THCO concentrates, see what all the buzz is about but use with caution! Some users report THCO is 3 to 4 times as potent as D8 or D9 THC.

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In stock

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Brand spankin’ new THC-O distillate from your friends at Dr.Ganja! Containing 28g of hemp-derived distillate, this high-quality concentrate is one of the best THC-O products you’ll find! While THC-O distillates and oils are usually dabbed or vaped they are versatile in their use as they can also be ingested in various ways. Please note that while inhaling THC-O commonly produces effects that are 3x or 4x stronger than delta 8 or delta 9 THC, ingesting THC-O typically results in effects that are similar in strength to delta 8 or delta 9.

As should be expected now when associated with the Dr.Ganja name, this THC-O distillate has been thoroughly third-party tested for safety, purity, and potency and all COA’s are visible here on the product site.

For new users, please use caution as the dominant constituent in this distillate, THC-O, also known as THC-O Acetate, is an analogue of THC that is said to be much more powerful than other cannabinoids and thus should be consumed slowly and safely. It is recommended that when using for the first time, if inhaling take only 1 puff and wait approximately 1-2 hours before consuming more to assess your tolerance level as THCO takes longer to reach peak effects than other cannabinoids. If ingesting, please wait 2-3 hours after consumption to determine strength and tolerance level. If you’re interested to learn more about the science behind THC-O, check out our informational section below!

Batch # THCO042822B

What’s in your bud?

What Is THC-O-Acetate?
THC-O-Acetate is one of many known cannabinoids. It is considered a chemical compound in its simplest form that has the ability to attach itself to the receptors in the Endocannabinoid system in the human body.

THC-O-Acetate is also known to be referred to as THC Acetate, THC-O, as well as ATHC. But it is most commonly referred to as THC-O or ATHC. It is important to not confuse ATHC with THCa. THCa is a tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which is a parent molecule to THC.

The major difference between the ATHC and THCa is that the “A” in ATHC is for acetate and the “a” in THCa is for acid. THCa naturally occurs in raw cannabis and converts to THC through a process known as decarboxylation. ATHC is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid and can only be made in a laboratory setting.

To process THC-O all other beneficial compounds, terpenes and flavonoids are removed and an isolate with no flavor or aroma is the result. THC-O in this unnatural state is typically a brown liquid and is referred to as an “analog” of its original compound form, which is THC.

The major difference between THC and THC-O is the acetate molecule that THC lacks. The addition of this new molecule to the compound structure makes the THC molecule stronger.

THC-O is absorbed and filtered by the liver in the same way as any other cannabinoid that goes into your body. However, THC-O molecules are much more potent than smoked, vaped, dabbed or orally consumed THC. So despite how the body filters the molecules, the portion that is able to travel beyond the brain barrier will provide a very strong experience.

If you do not have any experience with THC-O, it is recommended that you start with a very small dose and increase dosages slowly to test your comfort levels. The experience that users have often reported after consuming THC-O is akin to a hallucinogenic experience induced by psilocybin.

  • If you are subject to routine drug screenings, do not consume THC-O.
  • Each state has their own separate laws regarding hemp products. Please be aware of the laws within your state/province of residence.
  • Psychotropic potency of THC-O will often vary. For this reason, please do not operate a vehicle after consuming THC-O products.
  • Consult your doctor before use.

Product Size
28 Grams THC-O distillate

Suggested Use
THC-O Distillate can be vaped and used as an additive.

THC-O oil

Questions & Answers

The test for the THC-O was that based on a gram or the whole oz? So I know the percentage for each gram when I enter it in the calculator for baking. Jo asked on September 23, 2022
(0) (0)
Does this need to be decarbed for edibles? Ed asked on February 15, 2022


Jose answered on April 7, 2022 verified owner
(1) (0)
Who is the manufacturer of the Thc o distillate and it is delta8 Thc o to isn't it not Delta 9 Thc o ? D asked on February 7, 2022

The THC-O is Dr. Ganja branded. The Hemp Derived Label would mean this is a Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC-O

Gabe S. answered on March 5, 2022
(1) (0)

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Customer Reviews

11 reviews for THC-O Distillate 1oz

Based on 11 reviews

Customer Images

Image #1 from Dr.Ganja Customer
Image #2 from Dr.Ganja Customer
Image #1 from Dr.Ganja Customer

Dr.Ganja Customer

It packs a punch, definitely make sure you have nothing to do for 10+ hours before dosing (orally). Only way to describe it is a mellow yet (long) psychedelic experience.

(2) (0)
Image #2 from Dr.Ganja Customer

Dr.Ganja Customer

Not bad at all waiting for THCP,HHC

(7) (0)
Image #1 from Dr.Ganja Customer
Image #2 from Dr.Ganja Customer
  1. Excellent quality product
    Posted by Rebekah

    on Verified Purchase

    Rebekah (verified owner)

    Think of it as a creeper. Great in a cart, banger, and taste really good. Great product for the price!

    (1) (0)
  2. Posted by Danielle

    on Verified Purchase

    Danielle (verified owner)

    Thc-O is a fantastic substance. I’ve had distillate which was faster acting from another vendor & perhaps a little stronger (possibly from shelf life or different processing) but dont get me wrong Dr. Ganjas product is really great & the most affordable source ive found. Unlike some are saying here is not too strong for use IF YOU RESPECT THAT THIS IS A PSYCHEDELIC NOT WEED. That being said as a Thc-O vetran i have some tips.
    1# Thc-O takes much longer to take effect than any other cannabinoid EVEN WHEN VAPORIZED! it will take at least a half Hour to feel its full effect when vaporized! (Usually more like an hour) 3 hours when eaten so increase dose Slowly.
    2# Thc-O STACKS can last 12+ hours just from smoking.. so keep this in mind
    3# THC-O has diffrent levels. If your looking for similar effects to smoking a joint.. take 1-3 dabs (or drags from your vape pen, works great in any pen made for ejuice you do not need a special rig) and wait at LEAST 30 MINS!! or you may find yourself Too High & having a psychedelic experience.. after all ITS A psychedelic!!
    4# if you want to experience a psychedelic trip than take another dab or two every 30 MINS! BECAUSE WHEN IT DOES CROSS OVER INTO A PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE IT WILL BE INTENSE!! I have tripped VERY HARD & LONG (too hard) because i didnt wait between doses & smoked 50 hits or although it was deep and spiritual for me it was no mild experience at this higher dosage & i have plenty of former experience with all garden variety psychedelics.
    5# Thc-O can be relaxing in general in low doses but overall it will have an energizing effects, i personally wouldnt recommend before bed.

    In conclusion, if your titrate properly and use this supplemently with herb (a hit or two) its a great enhancer but nobody should be trying to replace thc with thc-o because it cant and is FAR More psychedelic. Bottom line dont order a psychedelic if you dont understand what that means. They can be scary at times & super intense as any truly spiritual journey can be. Psychedelics aren’t really recreational drugs despite what many may think because they can pierce the veil of reality so deeply they may transport your consciousness to places well beyond the normal reaches of our mind and soul. I have a wonderful relationship with thc-o and enjoy small amounts almost daily in conjunction with thc but i respect it & carfully titrate so that i always get the desired effect, knowing that it *IS* A Psychedelic… Thank you Dr Ganja for making this amazing substance available to the world..

    (6) (3)
  3. Posted by Richard

    on Verified Purchase

    Richard (verified owner)

    Looks pure.

    (0) (0)
  4. Pretty good
    Posted by Cc

    on Verified Purchase

    Cc (verified owner)

    Easy to work with. Feels good man

    (2) (0)
  5. Posted by Adam T.

    on Verified Purchase

    Adam T. (verified owner)

    This is a truly very powerful molecule, and should have a warning label as such.
    As it is, I would not try this without first dipping a straight pinhead into it, and then touching the pinhead to your tongue. Wait ten minutes, at least, the first time.
    I have over fifty years of experience with psychedelics, including formal therapeutic research (as in, at a Research Institute) with, carefully hybridized Marijuana, Ketamine, Psilocybin, and Lysergic acid diethylamide-25.
    THC-0 reminds most of the later in terms of potency, but LSD-25 doesn’t normally have an anxiety boost associated with sane levels of titration. When I tell you a little goes a long way, you would be wise to pay attention.
    Whatever you do, have a 60ml bottle of Full Spectrum CBD on hand as a counter-balancing agent. You will thank me, if you follow instructions. Full Spectrum CBD with a concentration of at least 5000mg per 60ml is very effective. I would have at least a one 1 ml capsule prepared prior to taking.
    My first time I casually licked a large drop off my finger, as I was adding another to .5 ml capsule of the above mentioned CBD oil. It was not a pleasant surprise.
    Titration of THC-0 is going to be challenging just like Lysergic acid diethylamide-25 was sixty years ago.
    I will review again later.
    THC-0 is very, very powerful, much more so than I expected. Forewarned is forearmed.
    THC isolates should always have a warning label.
    Remember that THC should always be balanced with CBD just the way Mother Nature does it. Otherwise you have a recipe for a major anxiety attack, or worse, and no one needs that.
    Net/Net I am neither recommending nor disparaging THC-0. It is too early in our research to make a final judgement.

    (5) (4)
  6. Posted by Dr.Ganja Customer

    on Verified Purchase

    Dr.Ganja Customer (verified owner)

    It packs a punch, definitely make sure you have nothing to do for 10+ hours before dosing (orally). Only way to describe it is a mellow yet (long) psychedelic experience.

    Image #1 from Dr.Ganja Customer
    (2) (0)
  7. Posted by Dr.Ganja Customer

    on Verified Purchase

    Dr.Ganja Customer (verified owner)

    Not bad at all waiting for THCP,HHC

    Image #1 from Dr.Ganja Customer
    (7) (0)
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