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The Brothers Apothecary

The Brothers Apothecary company creates many CBD teas and other dosing products. They began business back in 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Brothers Shane and Jesse focus on creating healthy CBD solutions for consumers. Their mission involves using only natural ingredients in everything that they make. So, no added sugars, fillers, or anything artificial in any of their products.

The Brothers Apothecary want consumers to trust in their CBD teas and organic foods. They don’t just deal in edible CBD, however. Their line includes skin and body care wares. Also, the company produces wearable merchandise, as well as herbal blends and flower. Thus, there are many CBD dosing options to choose from their brand.

They want to set themselves apart from the competition. The company cares about their clients and the world that we live in. All merchandise uses the finest organic and natural ingredients whenever possible. Everything that The Brothers Apothecary sells is handmade locally in small batches. Shane and Jesse design their CBD herbal blends to balance body, mind and spirit. And they care about the environment. So, they only use 100% green energy and sustainable manufacturing.

For The Brothers Apothecary hemp-based CBD is a passion. They commit themselves to hemp advocacy and education. Shane and Jesse’s company posts many informational blogs on their website. The idea is that the more consumers know about hemp, the better choices they make. With good hemp information, knowledgeable customers can meet their needs.

Dr. Ganja features several of The Brothers Apothecary finest herbal CBD teas.

The Brothers Apothecary Products

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