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America Juice Company is the parent entity of the Wild Hemp brand. The original company specializes in e-liquid manufacture and marketing. They have a good reputation for quality control, precision, and consistency. The offshoot brand offers a wide variety of hemp-based wares for cannabis consumers.

Wild Hemp puts out products such as pre-rolls, vaping supplies, topicals, and edibles. They have a little of everything to offer. That gives users option when it comes to how they want to dose.

Wild Hemp’s source plants are grown and processed in the mountains of Colorado. Some of it also comes from Oregon. This all means that their hemp meets US federal guidelines. It also indicates top quality.

Wild Hemp goods are well below the federal limit of .03% THC. However, there are other cannabinoids they retain. CBDA and CBG are just two of them. CBDA is a raw form of cannabidiol, thus it has the same benefits. CBG reduces inflammation and protects neurons. Both may play a role in preventing cancer growth. These and other cannabinoids plus hemp terpenes work together. They enhance CBD’s healing effects body and brain. That’s what’s great about broad spectrum hemp.

The company stands behind the purity of their products. Hemp crops must pass requirements instituted by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Their plants also meet Oregon state regulations. And to prove that there are no heavy metals or pesticides they use third-party labs. Lab reports are publicly available for all their individual products. Transparency builds confidence in their CBD merchandise.

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