Work With Dr.Ganja

There are various ways you can work with us.

Blogging: Do you have a passion for writing? We have an active blog and are always working on new and interesting content. Want to review a specific product or have a creative writing project in mind or a news piece you would be interested in writing and publishing on the Dr.Ganja blog? Then please get in touch and send us examples of your previous work. Also, please tell us more about your project idea.

Video Reviews: Doing video reviews is a fun way to connect with an audience! We have so many different products for you to try and give your opinion on. So, why not create fun videos to share with your fellow CBD supporters? Send us links to videos you have done in the past and share some ideas you have for making Dr.Ganja videos.

Photography: If you have a passion for taking cool photos, we can partner together. We’ll send you some Dr.Ganja products and you can snap away and share them on your various social media channels. Send us your social media handle so we can check out some of your photos. Then we’ll get in touch with you and discuss the details of a potential partnership!

Dr.Ganja Affiliate Partner: Get your own Dr.Ganja coupon code and link then pass it out to your friends and share it on social media. As people visit the site through your link or use your coupon code, you will earn cash from their purchases and be paid every week. Learn more about the affiliate partner program.

Dr.Ganja Rewards: When you register with Dr.Ganja you will see a tab for rewards in your control panel. Once you access it, you will see your very own Dr.Ganja rewards link. Simply share it on your social media accounts and other media platforms. Everyone that uses it, will automatically get a 10% coupon. When they use the coupon, you will earn 10% coupons for yourself to use on your next order. Learn more about the rewards program.