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Buddha Teas have found a way to blend CBD oil and tea, even though oil and water don’t normally mix.  While some competing brands rely on CBD oil, they instead have created an organic formula for broad-spectrum CBD powder. Then they incorporate the CBD powder into their teas, and there you have it: water-soluble CBD tea! They also sell the CBD powder by itself.

Some people have sworn by the therapeutic power of herbal teas. And many people feel the same about CBD. So, if you combine the two, like Buddha Teas has, then you just might benefit from both.

The herbal CBD teas have four varieties, which are chamomile, matcha green tea, peppermint, and turmeric & ginger. Chamomile is supposedly calming. Matcha green tea purportedly boosts metabolism and packs an antioxidant ­punch. Peppermint is supposed to aid digestion, lower body temperature and significantly reduce stress. Turmeric is popularly used as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent, the effects of which the ginger may maximize. And some believe CBD to be a calming, pain and inflammation reducing health supplement and sleep aid.

Thus, Buddha Teas are an organic, additive-free option for teas that consumers from all over can take to dose with some CBD. In one cup they get CBD as well as other potentially helpful herbs along with the benefits of the tea itself.

Dr. Ganja stocks a few of their most popular CBD-infused tea beverages. That way they can bring the promise of Buddha Teas to those who might want to experience the benefits of both CBD and the herbal teas for themselves.