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Ccell company makes all things vaporizer. Their product line consists of carts, pods, batteries, disposable vaporizer pens and USB chargers. Ccell branched off from creator Shenzhen Smoore Technology.  The parent company was established in 2006. Shenzhen Smoore sells electronics to retail stores like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and 7-11. Then they brought their reputation for state-of-the-art electronics to the vaporizer world.

The original company began with disposable electronic cigarettes, then shifted to vaporizers. So now they’ve had 12 years’ at making and selling quality vaporizers and accessories. Ccell’s research and development center employs 260 engineers. Plus, they have 12 assembly plants with a total of 10,000 employees.

From their workshops, they have produced a no-wick coil with better heat balance.  This gives users a good heating process without any burnt taste. And they strive for this level of quality in all of their vaporizers, cartridges and parts. Because of this, they have had over 400 patents granted for new vaporizer tech. Ccell’s goal is to deliver great function, pure taste and powerful potency to the vaporizer consumer.

They have spent years building a top vaporizer line. In fact, Ccell company now produces their own kind of ceramic heating coils. Then they follow that up with top-notch batteries to power their vaporizer pens. These two items ideally give users more satisfaction. Plus, they get steady and constant vapor, large vapor volume, and purer flavor. Of course, all of these things make for a better user vibe.

Dr. Ganja stocks Ccell’s Palm battery and its M3 battery with USB charger.