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Derived from Dr.Ganja’s very own Sapphire hemp strain, this CBD Vape Cartridge is nearly unmatched when it comes to quality. A full spectrum cannabidiol hemp extract, Dyerfire sources their cartridges from potent hemp wax and the cartridge here contains 500mg of 21.4% CBDA, 0.8% CBD, and 0.4% CBGA.  D9-THC, D8-THC, and THCV levels are all undetectable. The Sapphire strain is known for its well-balanced qualities that hover in middle between sativa and indica.

Through a rigorous process using vacuum agitation, Dyerfire preserves all the natural compounds and cannabinoids in the strains they are extracted from (here, Sapphire and Pink Champagne) and this shows in the aroma and flavor: it is mellow and pleasant with earthy and floral notes. Seriously, this is about as good as it gets when it comes to vape cartridges, flavor, purity, and potency.

While some CBD companies cut corners by using cheaper alternatives, leave impurities in their products, or use high heat that diminishes terpenes, Dyerfire makes use of 100% USA-made materials and their careful extraction method allows for all of the natural terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant to make it to their end product. They don’t derive their CBD from wanting parts of the plant such as the stem or stalk or use knock-off growers; Dyerfire sources their hemp from yours truly, Dr.Ganja! High-quality extracts at a low-quality price.

• Sapphire x Pink Champagne creates a very natural and soothing earthy/floral flavor!

• 100% made in the USA, all-natural ingredients

• Hemp sourced from Dr.Ganja!

• Potent healing at 21.4% CBDA

• Made from full spectrum hemp extracts meaning there are more cannabinoids present to do more healing!

• Rigorous extraction method ensures all the original compounds in the plant make it to the cartridge!

• No heavy metals or nasty solvents (3rd-party safety tested and assured)

Looking for other CBD Vape cartridges, E-Liquids, or Vape Pens? Check out our CBD Vape page for tons of options at the Dr.Ganja price!

Product Size
0.5ml 500mg of cannabinoids.

Suggested Use
Attach to 510-threaded battery and vape away!

Full spectrum hemp extract.

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    A The THCa levels are .4%. D-9 THC is ND.
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    A We currently have a limited stock available.
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    A This product is made with hemp extract and hemp derived terpenes. They contain no PG or VG.

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