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Why on earth would you choose Erth Hemp? For starters, this company is so confident about their hemp products that they fully guarantee everything that they sell. They are also committed to educating the public about what they see as the many real benefits of CBD. To that end, they routinely publish informational articles about CBD as well as encourage contact and questions. Their goal is to have Erth become your most trusted CBD company and go-to source for hemp products.

One of the reasons for their confidence in their merchandise is quality. They say they use only the best hemp plants with exacting manufacturing techniques. The results are supposedly superior CBD, which they then have third-party tested to ensure purity and potency. Erth Hemp publishes results online so that you can be as sure as they are about the CBD they sell.

You can clearly see the active amounts of naturally occurring CBD and other cannabinoids in their wares. So, then you can order their products with peace of mind. That benefits both the consumer and Erth Hemp. Users get the pain relief, reduced inflammation, and anxiety alleviation that reportedly comes from using high-quality CBD. The company gets repeat sales and customer loyalty, so it seems like a win-win for everyone.

Because of their belief in the efficacy of CBD for health and healing, they create a number of different products. Their hemp goods include oils, capsules, flower, isolate, topicals and hardware.

Dr Ganja currently offers Erth Hemp’s vaping juice and CBD oil tincture.