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American company Extract Labs focuses on purported CBD healing properties and wants everyone to have access to its reported benefits. To lower costs, they keep every step of product production in-house, and pass the savings on to their customers. That way they not only keep prices affordable, but also maintain the best quality possible.

Owner Craig Henderson founded Extract Labs to help those that struggle with PTSD as well as physical difficulties. Aware of reports about harmful effects from common pharmaceutical prescriptions, Craig hoped to offer a safer alternative. CBD seems to offer many benefits without the addictive problems and other negative factors that come with prescription pills.

Henderson founded his CBD company to offer safer, reasonably priced health and healing products to the general public. The company prides itself in providing pure, high quality CBD products at reasonable prices. They keep production in-house to try and keep cost down as much as possible.

Because they care, they claim that they put heart and passion into their CBD offerings as well as reliability. Extract Labs is also involved in working with Colorado State University to study the effects of CBD on cancer cells. The sum of it all adds up to a commitment to their customers’ healthier lifestyles through CBD use.

And they want to be transparent about their quality control. They keep a database of CBD batch testing results on their company web site.

Dr. Ganja currently stocks CBD shatter, crumble, tinctures, body cream, and muscle cream by Extract Labs.