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Kush Queen carved its own niche in the cannabis marketplace with hemp-derived CBD-only, and THC-infused products. Their award-winning merchandise line includes such things as infused bath bombs, pain relief lotions, edibles, wellness supplements, and skincare.

The company began back in 2016, founded by digital celebrity and dispensary worker Olivia Alexander. Olivia previously played a central role in The Kush Queens online community that spotlights women in cannabis culture. Her online fanbase consisted of an estimated 2.5 million followers. Dope Magazine dubbed Olivia the “2017 Social Media Influencer of the Year”. She was also nicknamed “The Mariah Carey of Weed” by Elle Magazine.

Working in dispensaries since 2006, Oliva coordinated with countless cannabis companies. Over the years she gained a lot of experience in social media, marketing, and digital strategy. Eventually, it became a calling for her. She began creating products for herself to deal with bipolar disorder and improve her own quality of life. Then she decided to market and endorse those same products to help others. So, the Kush Queen founder is a CBD user as well as an entrepreneur.

She said she saw a need for promoting CBD as a wellness product. Further, Olivia wanted to make sure CBD’s many holistic health benefits were available to everyone. She believes in the power of the plant when it comes to relieving physical and mental distresses. Topicals are a primary focus for her because she sees them as one of the best delivery methods.

Dr Ganja currently carries Kush Queen branded lube and CBD bath bombs.