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Dispensing potent doses of delta-8 THC is what Modus products do. They have a number of ways to use the minor cannabinoid from disposables to vape carts and even gummies. Variety gives their customers options. That way they can chose the dosing methods that best suits their needs.

Modus believes in their product line. The company promotes the positive the benefits derived from cannabis. They know that delta-8 THC gives shorted ‘stoned’ periods. But there's also lasting excellent effects for body and mind. It has become increasingly popular for those reasons.

Their business provides the public the best possible hemp derivative possible. They use the best practices in processing cannabis from renowned hemp farms. Source plants are grown free from pesticides and other contaminants. Modus wants users to feel comfortable and confident in the things they make and sell. Peace of mind promotes return business. It also encourages others to try something that may benefit them.

Cannabis from hemp can’t solve every problem for every person. Modus does caution that no product claims have FDA verification yet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good reasons to try hemp derivatives and see how well they mitigate pain and stress. Lots of people swear by the effectiveness of delta-8 THC. When trying any cannabis product it’s best to start low and slow and see how it feels before dosing more.

Dr. Ganja showcases a couple different kinds of Modus gummies. Available to buy to try are Berry Bite and Mamba Melon.