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The folks that founded NuLeaf Naturals in 2014 recognize the potential power of plant medicine and natural healing techniques. With source hemp from licensed farms in Colorado, USA, they produce and market various CBD solutions. The company commits to bringing CBD consumers the best products on the market. They hope that offering all natural, lab tested, organic CBD oils and extracts will give users happier, healthier lives.

Their company brings CBD products to customers that ideally will promote physical and mental health and wellness.  There is ample evidence, they believe, that cannabidiol can create a gateway to overall satisfaction. CBD supposedly does this by balancing the functions of the mind and body, easing pain and inflammation while promoting peacefulness.

Everything that NuLeaf Naturals offers they make with whole-plant extracts, not synthetic ingredients or CBD isolate. That way customers get the benefit of all the cannabinoids and hemp terpenes. So, that means their CBD just might be more potent and effective. Since their products are THC free, they won’t get you high, but they will possibly make you feel much better.

Using the latest refining processes, they strive to create cannabinoid wellness products with full spectrum effectiveness. They use CO2 as their primary tool for extracting the hemp goodness from each plant. No heat or solvents are necessary with this method. Therefore, they retain the whole hemp spectrum of benefits for users of their various CBD supplements.

Dr. Ganja currently offers potent NuLeaf Naturals’ hemp oil in 240mg and 725mg strengths.