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People with knowledge and experience from working in the California, Oregon, and Colorado cannabis industries founded Secret Nature in 2017. They took their background in marijuana marketing and used it in the hemp CBD industry. The company‘s passion involves all aspects of growing, extraction, branding, and producing distinctly high-quality CBD products.

Secret Nature promotes the idea that CBD can be good for maybe all kinds of different people. Thus, they think that CBD might help someone destress and relax on the couch. Or that CBD should benefit those who like to meditate at home or on nature walks. Plus, CBD could lessen pain and relieve irritation according to a number of studies and user testimonials. It’s plain that CBD’s popularity as an alternative medicine has grown in recent years.

Most CBD products are not yet FDA approved, and no CBD company can make absolute health claims. But hemp marketers are finding their customers believe in the idea that CBD can improve physical and mental health. Thus, companies like Secret Nature make and market all-natural, lab-tested CBD infused supplements in many forms. Their wares include hemp flowers, CBD for vaping, pre-rolls and tinctures.

Before public release for sale, all Secret Nature products are double-checked in ISO certified labs. This then verifies that they are perfectly pure, safe to consume, and of good quality. They put their lab results on public display online to assure buyers that they can trust company claims.

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