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Wyld CBD

Wyld CBD is a top-level manufacturer of hemp derived products based in Oregon. They have risen to the top through their offerings of quality products containing all-natural ingredients. In fact, this company is an ace for a variety of reasons. This includes the level of care that goes into creating tasty treats with consistent levels of cannabinoids for accurate doses. Their edibles, including beverages, are made with real fruit and broad-spectrum cannabinoids derived from hemp. As a result of using exceptional ingredients, the flavors and effects continue to astound customers looking for great CBD products. But don’t just take our word for it. Get Wyld, order up a few packs of gummies and discover the harmonious tranquility CBD can bring you.

Wyld Beginnings

A company with humble beginnings, Wyld was established in 2016 by three college buddies in central Oregon. They began by setting up shop in a small farm building with a two-burner stove. And since then everything began to fall into place for them. As the company began to grow, the trio knew they could not settle for less than the best. Therefore, they stuck with their commitment to quality all-natural ingredients, along with effective and safe operational procedures. Next, they recognized that a strong alliance with their local Oregon community retailers and budtenders would help build their brand. Because of this, the world began to buy Wyld gummies online too.

Throughout their success, Wyld continues to operate as an independent company with a forward-thinking approach to maintain high standards. For this reason, their customer base has grown to trust and love the multitude of THC and CBD products they offer. As the company thrived, a sister company would join the ranks of its predecessor. Wyld CBD was officially established in 2019 for the purpose of supplying THC free hemp based products only. In due course, this separate entity began marketing to a much larger group of consumers mostly not interested in getting high. Instead, their interests lean in the direction of all natural ingredients and the possible health benefits that cannabinoids may impart. Hemp products just never looked so good.

Wyld’s team of food scientists and quality experts gain inspiration from the values that the company was built on. It is for the love of nature, organic ingredients, and consistent doses that makes they’re products some of the best in the hemp industry. And due to this, the company reaches consumers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Customers have grown to love and derive inspiration from Wyld CBD drinks. So much so that by 2022, they were the number one sparkling water brand in Natural Grocers nationwide. Afterall, accurate dosing really can make a huge difference in creating positive experiences customers can trust. And it turns out that more adults today are genuinely more curious and willing to make hemp a part of their everyday nutrition.

Wyld Gives Back

While perpetually keeping their values in mind and as the company grew, Wyld found it possible to begin contributing to local communities. In addition, they have made a commitment to support and engage with progressive organizations committed to racial and social justice. The company supports wellness within their communities and encourages all people to become stewards and protectors of the environment. Thus, when you decide to buy Wyld gummies online you are kindly contributing to a variety of good causes. So every time you enjoy the sweetness of a Wyld broad spectrum CBD gummy, you get a double dose of good vibes. And nothing beats feeling light as a feather with a beaming wide smile on your face to seize the day.

Wyld CBD Gummies

If by chance you happen to read a Wyld CBD gummies review, you’ll more than likely encounter a positive one. With no shortage of examples, these gummies have made an impression on the taste buds of hemp enthusiasts. Of course there are always favorites, but these tasty treats are offered in seven equally explosive fruit flavors. Made from real fruit, each morsel is gluten free, and vegan friendly. All extracts used to create these wonderful fruity delicacies are derived from USA grown hemp and evaluated by a third-party laboratory. Certificates of Analysis or COA’s are available for every batch of product. At the base of the Wyld CBD packaging, one can find a six-digit product code to retrieve available COA’s from the company’s website.

Enjoy choosing from Peach, Pear, Elderberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Huckleberry and Lemon flavors. Feel free to indulge on these hemp chews as they are made with THC free broad spectrum CBD extract. Each flavor contains an average dosage of 20 to 25mg of CBD. However, there are three flavors with added milligrams of additional cannabinoids for a bit more well-rounding of effects. The formulas for the Wyld CBD gummies, Peach, Pear and Elderberry, are all fashioned to elicit specific results. For instance, the Pear gummy contains a mixture of 20 milligrams of CBD extract and 10 milligrams of CBG. This mixture is combined to offer a nice boost in positive energy, focus and relaxation.

The Peach elixir is a combination of 20mg of cannabidiol and 10mg of cannabichromene. This peachy treat offers exhilarating mood boosts to get you through the day. Lastly, the Elderberry flavor is a sleepy time formula made with 25mg of cannabidiol and 5mg of cannabinol. The brilliance of the Wyld CBD / CBN combo is literally a dream come true. With these gummies included in your nighttime ritual, you may just be as fresh as a daisy by the light of day.

Wyld CBD Drinks

The greatness of hemp really shines when cannabinoid beverages like a Wyld CBD drink are widely available for consumption. Discover your favorite edible as a fruit infused splashing cannabidiol libation. When alternatives like this cannabinoid filled, fruit flavored sparkling water exists, it’s easy to avoid sugary sodas or alcohol. In fact, with six remarkably delicious options, these drinks can be the ideal choice for weekend excursions or as a post dinner refreshment. And, let’s just be real, these fine sparkling beverages also work perfectly as mixers for refreshing cocktails or mocktails too. Anything goes when it comes to these sweet all-natural refreshments.

Grab a frosty chilled Wyld CBD drink to take with you while you’re out adventuring! Cool and crisp is the best way to enjoy this refreshing sparkling water, so be sure to take a cooler. After all there’s nothing quite like the rush of a wave of calm that crashes over you with each sip. It’s a tranquil evolution into a long lasting chill. All the favorite flavors like Raspberry, Blackberry, Lemon and Blood Orange contain 25mg of CBD extract in a 12 oz can. The Grapefruit flavored sparkling water includes, in addition to 20mg of cannabidiol, 10mg of CBG. The Blueberry Pomegranate drink supports serene sleep as it is infused with 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN hemp extract.

Wyld Value And Efficacy

All Wyld products come from the glorious bounty of hemp products that the state of Oregon has to offer. Of course all of these hemp infused creations are THC free and vegan friendly. Edibles and beverages are made with all the best ingredients and are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure safety and consistency. Hands down quality that captivates your body and captures the adoration of your taste buds! Purchase Wyld CBD gummy packs today and pretty soon you may find yourself writing your very own Wyld CBD gummies review!