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The distinguished manufacturer, Yocan Technology Co., Ltd, brings to you the highest quality vaporizers through their ingenious designs, excellent craftsmanship and safety compliance standards. In fact, there is a device for just about any form of cannabis that can be vaporized. They’re designs are intuitive, creative and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that their devices contain the most current technologies on the market today. When you choose any specialized vape device made by this company, vaping is always made easy and enjoyable. And just like their slogan says, you will “smoke less, vape more!”

Yocan Manufacturing

Yocan specializes in manufacturing quality vapes and has been at it for quite a few years. Their products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China, which is a booming metropolitan area heavily reliant upon their manufacturing commerce. And so, most, if not all, vapor devices are developed there. They’re R&D team is one of the best in the industry and dedicate their efforts to a strict structure of procedures in their product development process. As a result, their quality control is top notch and includes a long list of safety protocols. In addition, they hold the patents for each of their designs and acquire CE, RoHS and FCC certifications for all products.

They offer quite a collection of lasting classic vape pens and box mods like the Yocan Uni Pro. The expansion of their collection continues to deliver more specialized products too. This includes nectar collectors like the Loki, E-rigs and even several dry herb vapes to choose from. In addition, they consistently contribute to the advancement in toxin removal from vaping with their creative coil and atomizer systems. They remain steadfast to stay at the top of their game year after year. Afterall, they want you to enjoy your life with deliciously brilliant vaping experiences.

The Uni Series

The box mod that made vaporizing cannabinoid cartridges easy without burning coils or oil is undoubtedly the Yocan UNI. In fact, it has been such a hit with the vaping community, there are now several versions of this essential box mod. There is the original, the Pro and Pro 2.0, the S, the Twist, the Plus and Pro Plus. Yes, seven different versions of one box mod for cannabinoid oil cartridges. A customizable width feature adjusts to fit most carts as wide as 14mm. The carts slide right into the port and the mouthpiece stands out for comfortable vaping. A convenient miniature side window design allows one to keep an eye on oil levels and never run out.

This variety of specialized Yocan battery vaporizers is for newcomers and expert vapors alike. It is incredibly lightweight, portable and feels comfortable in your hand. It is a quality build with well-thought out design and features. Most versions contain a long lasting 650mAh battery, while the UNI Plus and the Pro Plus incorporate a 900mAh battery. The variable voltage temperatures vary depending on which version you own. However, there are always three adjustable voltage temperatures. This is a great feature that allows users to narrow down their favorite temps for different types of oils. And since its voltage is adjustable it will always offer the best flavor transfer and vapor production every vape sesh.

The Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 is an exclusive build by company partners True Wholesale. It has become the mainstream go-to when it comes to an incredibly durable construction and clear OLED display. The body construct consists of zinc alloy, as opposed to the other versions made simply out of plastic materials. It fits all 510 vape carts with a variable voltage range between 1.8v and 4.2v. In general, the system still also includes a 10 second preheat function. This function works to heat the oil in order to reduce stress on the mod and the vape cart coil. A Type-C charging port is an additional great feature. It is more modern tech and enables quick charging.


Without fail there are always new and unique vaporizers that are easy to use and are durable. And with hemp concentrates becoming more popular and widespread, vape designs are catering to this. And certainly the Yocan Orbit is another example of thoughtful design, construction and function while still maintaining affordable price points. This vaporizer maintains a sleek wax pen design style with a shiny stainless steel construction. It consists of a see-through quartz bowl containing quartz balls that quickly spin as the user draws on the mouthpiece.

In fact, the mouthpiece on the Yocan Orbit is a comfy bell-like shape that covers over the coil-less quartz bowl. It’s made of glass and delivers great full flavor hits. The shape of the mouthpiece and the vertex airflow system work in a way that allows for the quartz balls to spin. This spinning not only looks awesome, but it also supports even heating distribution and supports ample vapor production. In addition to these two benefits of design, there is actually a third. The kinetic energy of the quartz balls also works to cool the vapor as it rises and before inhalation. Chiefly, it’s a great design because the coolness of the vapor offers users smoother hits every vape sesh.

In addition, this Yocan battery features three adjustable voltage levels. Starting at 3.4v, 3.7v and finally 4.0v. Each voltage level activates a particular LED light color. 3.4v is white, 3.7v is blue and 4.0v is green. Rotation through voltage levels is made easy by simply pressing the power button. Another key point is the quartz balls have a resistance level of 0.4ohm. The device is powerful with a 1700mAh battery, which is incredibly long lasting. It will definitely last all day or at least about 12 vape sessions. With a USB-C charging port, this device fully charges up in about an hour.

Evolve Plus

Yocan vape is almost an endless offering of vaporizers to fit anyone’s aesthetics and vaping style. The Evolve Plus is really ideal for those who are hot to trot and on-the-go. The simplicity of design of this vape pen is what makes it more attractive. It’s easy to use and offers numerous draws and sessions before charging is necessary. It is powered with a 1100mAh battery that charges via a micro-USB port. A pass-through charging feature allows for hits when the device is charging. While most people don’t recommend that users do this too often, it is still possible to do. Every so often should be okay at the times when you simply cannot hold out for a full charge.

The Yocan Evolve Plus contains dual quartz atomizer coils for a cleaner vape experience. A nice extra feature is the Functional Coil Cap. It is an addition that works to prevent hot oil from leaking out, as well as protecting the mouthpiece from the heat. And as a bonus, an additional ceramic coil is offered, but sold separately. It is a ceramic donut coil in case you feel the need to change it up. With no variable settings to speak of, it is useful to know that this concentrate vape pen offers fifteen seconds of continuous heat. This ensures concentrates will heat sufficiently and evenly. And it certainly does offer the greatest hits one could get out of such a portable vape.

Indeed one of the most unique features of such a great vape pen is the built-in silicone jar. It is below the battery and could be overlooked if one was not aware of it. It carefully unscrews to reveal a silicone lined mini-jar that is a great place for your stash. This design is a Yocan patent and the first of its kind on the market in the vape pen category. Furthermore, the Evolve plus and Plus XL are now available in exclusive Tie-Dye, Rasta, Midnight or Rainbow editions. The special editions are exceptional for those looking to add to their own specific styles.

Improve Your Vape Experience

Additional designs besides the Yocan Evolve Plus are the ARI Plus and Magneto. They are also among the popular progressions of an evolutionary industry. Every design aspect of each of these vapor devices will improve your vape experience, satisfy your taste buds and best of all, won’t break the bank. This truly inspiring vape company goes above and beyond. They want to ensure that your vape sessions are as pure as possible. So Evolve-D Plus replacement coils and Magneto replacement atomizer packages are available. The UNI Pro magnetic adapter is also available for your replacement part stash too.

With such optimal designs, at affordable price points, a Yocan vape deserves a place in every vaper’s mod collection. Especially since replacement parts and coils are available for the majority of their vaporizers. They are truly leaders within the vape industry for all the right reasons and with little to no hype needed. They’re entire catalog of vaporizers full of creative designs at super bargain prices just simply cannot be beat by many. So get savvy with it and follow the freshness with Yocan. Afterall, you too can experience true satisfaction.