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CBDfx prioritizes providing consumers pure CBD products carefully formulated with only the best ingredients available, including organically grown hemp plants. So, they resolve to offer the highest quality full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products available. That’s a tall order, to be sure, but they are confident of their ability to deliver high quality CBD goods.

The company cultivates their source hemp on European farms. Then they ship it overseas, where it is CO2 extracted at their labs in southern California. The resulting full-spectrum CBD has only minuscule amounts of THC of less than 0.03%, below the legal limit. Their broad-spectrum and CBD isolate are 100% THC-free.

With their CBD assortment, they provide a large array of CBD dabs, CBD tinctures, CBD additives, and much more. Whatever way you like to take your CBD, they have got you covered. On their website, CBDfx advises that determining the best CBD product for you depends on a number of factors. They suggest you consider your preferred method of ingestion, prior experiences with CBD, and the results you seek.

CBDfx cannot guarantee using their CBD for stress, anxiety, pain relief, or anything else will produce the results you want. There’s a lot of promising research and user testimonials, but they feel that there is much more studying needed. Thus, the FDA has not yet officially approved CBD use to treat any symptom or condition. That said, many doctors and medical professionals do recommend using CBD to treat pain, inflammation, stress and depression.

Dr. Ganja carries a variety of CBDfx terpenes, liquids, edible gummies, and chill shots.