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Delta Effex

There are many dosing methods Delta Effex offers their customers. They want people to use delta-8 THC in the way that works best for them. Variety and quality are things they want consumers to count on from their company. All of this is because the company believes in the benefits of cannabis.

Delta-8 sourced from hemp has growing popular demand. Cannabis companies and consumers alike are seeking out this milder cannabinoid. That’s because it offers a briefer buzz than straight delta-9 THC. But it has very similar effects. Therefore users can more easily use Delta Effex products throughout the day.

The company invests in trustworthiness. They use 3rd part lab testing to assure users of their source hemp’s purity and potency. The plants they use are all-natural and non-GMO. They only process material that is organic and GMO free. There will be no pesticides. Nor any artificial chemicals allowed on the farms where they cultivate their hemp. The reports verifying all this are freely available online. Peace of mind is important to Delta Effex and their customers.

Some of the various offerings from the company include tinctures and topicals. Their wares include tasty and effective edibles. They also sport several vaping options. They sell vape cartridges and pods. Plus they provide disposable pens. Those are good methods to choose from. So whatever way users like to dose, they can find it from Delta Effex.

Dr. Ganja carries several different Delta Effex cartridges. Strains available include Strawberry Cough, Granddaddy Purple and many more.

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