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All About The Company And Their Goods

In the cannabis industry, evolution is important. That’s why Delta Effex is also now known as Delta Extrax. It’s the same great hemp merchandise, but now with a name that better reflects what they are about.

However, you will still find packaging with either name. Both brands are equally good. Both offer similar merchandise. The newer name emphasizes their use of cannabinoids extracted from hemp.

Further, the two corporate monikers indicate their focus on delta cannabinoids. They are aware of the growing popular demand for these weed alternatives. Both cannabis companies and consumers alike are seeking out milder cannabinoids. Why? Because they offer a gentler and briefer buzz than straight delta-9 THC.

Most have very similar beneficial effects. Pain and stress relief are highly sought after. Users may report mild euphoria or relaxation. Different strains in the products will offer a variety of potential pluses.

You don't get too high. So, users can more easily dose with these products throughout the day.  The benefits tend to last for hours.

Thus, Delta Effex was begun to make and market user-friendly hemp merchandise. Delta-8 and other less psychotropic cannabinoids are a nice niche for the company. They make them a contender in a very competitive field.

What kinds of goods does the company sell? Their products include hemp flower and prerolls. They have concentrates and edibles. There are tinctures. You can even find Delta Effex delta-8 disposable vapes. So, the product line is diverse.

Not only do they have a variety of product types, but they offer customers an array of cannabinoids. There’s more than just delta-8. They also create merchandise with deltas 9, 10, and 11. HHC and HHC-O are available. There are additional THC varieties like THCP, THCV, and THCH. They believe in offering a wide selection of cannabinoid combinations.

Caring About Customers

Yet, producing a bunch of different goods isn’t enough for this company. They also want their customers to keep coming back. In addition to a diverse product line, they also want to instill confidence. They do this by ensuring quality and safety.

Delta Extrax and Delta Effex delta-8 merchandise is completely safe and effective. They employ independent labs to examine their source hemp. These laboratories verify purity and potency. They want transparency. So, test results are published online and available for review.

Further, the company uses only all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. They pledge that there are never pesticides. No artificial chemicals are ever allowed on the farms that cultivate their hemp. Customer peace of mind is important to Delta Effex.

Another important consideration is legality. There is still a federal prohibition against cannabis. But that largely concerns delta-9 THC. And restriction is usually for levels over .3%.

That said, a few areas do restrict some of the newer cannabinoids. It is recommended that you learn the local laws in your area before buying. The company knows there are currently fewer restrictions on them. And so, they have invested in producing products with THC variants.

For shoppers, the brand is an ideal source for dosing options. There’s a lot to choose from. The products are all high quality. Plus they are safety assured. They are legal in many jurisdictions, too.

That’s why Delta Effex has prospered as a company. Any company can knock off some cheap hemp products. But a conscientious corporation is going to appeal to consumers. Focusing on quality as well as quantity has made them stand out in the hemp industry.

That's Where Dr. Ganja Comes In

And therefore Dr. Ganja carries some of their wares. Our company, too, wants to offer discerning shoppers the best. With this producer, there’s a solid reputation that we can feel confident about.

We’ve collected a large sampling of some Delta Effex delta-8 disposable pens and vape cartridges. Vaping is popular. So, it makes sense to focus on these kinds of cannabis goods. Vaporizers and carts are sought out because of their ease of use and portability.

There are also some tinctures. These drops are taken under the tongue. They produce quick results. Oil droppers are also helpful for measuring dosage. If you don’t smoke or vape, these are ideal.

On this site, you’ll find a selection of their premiere vaping products and tinctures.

Dr. Ganja showcases several different throw-away pen vapes and oil cartridges. Disposables come in flavors like Blue Train Wreck, Strawberry, and  Headband. Carts can be found with strains such as Ice Cream Cookies, Goji OG, and Mimosa.

All of the above come in multiple cannabinoid profiles. Sure, there’s delta-8 but other pens and carts feature delta-10. There are also THC variants like THC-O and THC-P.

The tincture drops we offer include Spearmint and Tropical Passionfruit. These are available exclusively with delta-8.

We encourage you to check out the Delta Effex and Delta Extrax merchandise in stock. Look for possible additions in the future as their product line grows.