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Specialized in Flavorful CBD Products

When you think about purchasing CBD e-liquids and drops, Naked 100 CBD wants you to consider them. They make vaping and tincture products for dosing cannabidiol orally. They founded their company in 2018 in Southern California, and immediately dedicated themselves to creating and marketing flavorful CBD supplements.

Naked 100 CBD has fully invested in meticulous manufacturing, good brand development, and responsive customer service. It is their stated goal to deliver the best quality that they can in every drop of their CBD liquids. Plus, they aim to excel in their customer interactions and service. Although a newer company, they feel they can compete very well in the CBD market with substance and service. So, they encourage customers to reach out to them with comments or questions about their CBD.

They started out making regular vaping flavors before breaking into CBD, so they have solid experience with tasty, effective e-liquids. Because of their prior reputation, their vaping liquids are reliably delicious. And they are made right in the US, so there is legally mandated quality control. To ensure your peace of mind, they publish the test results online for their 600 and 1200mg liquids. That way, you can see for yourself proof of their product purity. They note the exact ingredients on every label for the same reason.

If you seek body and mind maintenance, they offer a good variety of CBD e-liquids to suit your tastes.

Dr. Ganja carries Naked 100 CBD e-liquids in several different flavors for you to choose from.

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