Nick Warrender founded Lifted Made because he had an interest in e-liquids. His concern was that other vaping companies used many bad ingredients. The company reduced the typical ingredients found in e-liquids to a safe handful. They began by producing traditional vape juices. But then Nick began to use CBD to treat his own health problems and became a believer. In 2015, his company went exclusively cannabis-based products.

Based in Zion, Illinois, Lifted Made soon began diversifying their offerings. Urb is the offspring brand of Lifted Made company. Its full name is Urb Finest Flowers and that tells you something about its commitment to quality. The parent company is itself owned by publicly traded Acquired Sales Corp. So, there’s a lot of corporate heft behind these two companies. For consumers that means affordability and variety.

Lifted Made’s Urb brand specializes in the finest CBD and delta-8 THC products. Their commitment is to getting the benefits of cannabis into the hands of those who need them. CBD is available and legal because it contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Since delta-9 THC is still heavily regulated, they began selling the delta-8 variety.

THC is about more than the buzz you get. There is considerable pain relief with this cannabinoid. Also, nausea reduction. It works as a sleep aid and reduces PTSD. There’s even evidence that it may help fight cancer, or at least reduce the negatives of chemotherapy. Urb knows all this and that’s why they make and market delta-8 products.

Products offered by Lifted Made’s subsidiary company include vaporizer cartridges and gummies. Dr. Ganja carries both Urb’s vape carts and powerful micro-gummies.