​What Is Hemp and How Can We Use It?


    In the last few years, as the medical and recreational use of cannabis has come more and more to the forefront, another discussion has been going on in the background: what is hemp and how is it different from weed?

    In many ways, obviously, or else there wouldn’t be a discussion. There are a lot of things which differentiate hemp — an industrial variety of the Cannabis sativa plant — from its psychoactive relative. Unlike the medical/recreational type of cannabis, which has effects on the mind and body, hemp is just a standard plant that’s used for commercial and industrial purposes that range from rope to clothes, food to plastics, paper and more.

    To answer the biggest question out there, it doesn’t include THC, the psychoactive chemical that “gets you high.”

    In the food department, hemp is the original health food. It’s commonly eaten raw, made into a fat and protein-rich liquid — hemp milk — and made into powder. Stay tuned for future hemp recipes.

    Another popular way to supplement with hemp is oil — best taken on a daily basis. The uses of hemp oil are many, working particularly to slow down the skin’s aging process, improve immunity, and increase cardiovascular health. Rich in protein, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and even insoluble fiber, hemp products are often taken or used by people practicing veganism or just seeking to boost their diet.

    Here’s how hemp has been proven to help humans:

    It delivers the best ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Not only does that mean it can improve health by lowering cholesterol when taken internally, but hemp oil — when it’s applied to skin topically — helps skin regenerate and maintain a healthy protective layer.

    For the same reasons, it can treat psoriasis and potentially slow the effects of age on skin. It can even help regulate blood sugar, which can keep your mood steadier. And lastly, hemp oil can support hormonal health, especially in women.

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