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CBD Pets

When it comes to helping pets relax, treat pain and other discomfort, not all medications are created equal. So when the safety of CBD for pets was studied and understood, the potential for dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals became quickly clear. CBD pet products range from tinctures, to be taken internally, to topical options and even infused treats. As CBD is a completely non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it won’t affect pets negatively or get them “stoned.” Instead, these products work as a safe and easy to use health supplement for all kinds of creatures.

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  • Bluebird Botanicals CBD Companion Oil Dr.Ganja
    Dr.Ganja CBD Hemp Products

    Hemp oil for your four-legged friends is a blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and omega fatty acids. CBD oil can support your pet's overall health through decreasing inflammation, which can help to ease many things -- from...

  • CBDistillery Hemp CBD Pet Tincture
    Dr.Ganja CBD Hemp Products

    Can your pets benefit from CBD too? As it doesn't include THC, they won't get "high," and it can be a safe supplement for most animals. Cats, dogs, rabbits and other four-legged animals can all be given this CBD hemp oil...

  • Hemp-EaZe Pet Aid First Treatment Buy on Dr.Ganja Store
    Dr.Ganja CBD Hemp Products

    Do you want to use natural hemp products to improve your pet's quality of life? Hemp-EaZe Pet Aid Spray, a quarter-strength formulation of hemp root, lavender and other soothing ingredients like feverfew, is an excellent...

  • Hemp - EaZe Cannabis Pet Ear Cleaner Buy on Dr.Ganja
    Dr.Ganja CBD Hemp Products

    Hemp products aren't just for humans anymore. Hemp-EaZe Pet Aid Antiseptic Ear Cleansing Oil is a calming, soothing solution that'll help keep the delicate interior of your pet's ears clean and sterile, protecting against...

  • Lazarus Naturals CBD  Cannabinoid Tincture for Cats and Dogs.
    Dr.Ganja CBD Hemp Products

    CBD pet tincture, made with CBD -- a natural molecule that reacts positively with an animal's endocannabinoid system -- works to support pet joint health by targeting inflammation. Fractioned coconut oil helps balance the...

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