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Pink Panther Indoor

$35.00 Free Discreet Shipping & Easy Returns

You may have already heard word of Pink Panther as its gaining popularity fast, and for good reason. A true hybrid strain that is uplifting without being sedating, Pink Panther was created from a cross of Cat’s Meow and Alpen Gleaux. Although similar in genetics to Cashmere Kitty, it is starkly different in taste and effects. Dominantly citrusy with pine and gas, Pink Panther marks the new era of great “all day” strains and can be consumed whenever, wherever you need a quick pick-me-up.

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Pink Panther is a wonderful new addition to our potent line-up of great “all day” hybrid strains. Coming in at over 20% CBDA with ample amounts of CBD and terpenes as well, this Panther is hot! Produced from a cross of Cat’s Meow and Alpen Gleaux, PP has the looks, smell, and effects. At times covered in rich purple hues and others in dark green shades, Pink Panther smells and tastes of pine and citrus with undertones of sweetness and gas.

Whether you’re consuming in the morning, daytime, or evening Pink Panther works well and provides both a slight heady sensation as well as a thorough body stone. While some have commented that PP helps them sleep, others have mentioned how social they feel on her, hinting at the true hybrid nature of this flower.

Pink Panther is also one of the few strains with Terpinolene as the dominant terpene; typically, terpinolene is found in the lowest concentrations in cannabis strains, and this is particularly true for CBD flower. However, PP seems to be the rare exception with terpinolene leading the way, followed by myrcene, and ocimene.

Batch # M050222DB

What’s in your bud?

Cat’s Meow x Alpen Gleaux

Truly beautiful flower. These nugs can sport deep rich purple hues as well as bright lime green shades. Dense and sticky.

Pink Panther is piney and citrusy with hints of gas and earth. An inviting and enticing aroma!

The taste is best produced with a dry herb vaporizer where the notes of pine and citrus come through much better. Undertones of wood, earth, and diesel.

A very smooth and well-balanced hybrid smoke! Pink Panther works great in the morning after a cup of coffee, with afternoon lunch, or a few hours before bed when zoning out to TV, music, or games. You pick the activity, and PP will make it better. Some users have commented that Pink Panther is a great social strain as well.

Cannabinoid Profile
CBDA 20.0664%
CBD 2.1399%
CBCA .6002%
CBGA .3672%
CBC .1489%
CBG .1108%
CBDVA .0837%
D9-THC .2784%
THCA .5126%

Total Measured Cannabinoids 21.6475%

Top 3 Terpenes
Terpinolene, β-Myrcene, Ocimene

Terpene Profile
Terpinolene .5117%
β-Myrcene .3256%
Ocimene .1172%
δ-Limonene .1024%
β-Caryophyllene .0927%
Guaiol .0628%
α-Bisabolol .0504%
β-Pinene .0462%
α-Pinene .0410%
δ-3-Carene .0363%
α-Humulene .0315%
Linalool .0197%
α-Terpinene .0179%
γ-Terpinene .0145%
Caryophyllene Oxide .0102%
Isopulegol .0087%
trans-Nerolidol .0078%
Geraniol .0044%
Eucalyptol .0037%
Camphene .0029%
p-Cymene .0026%

Total Measured Terpenes 1.5101%

No pesticides detected. We test all of our flower at Dr.Ganja to make sure what you’re consuming is pure and safe. Check out the attached safety pesticide lab reports.

Dr.Ganja Pink Panther was tested for microbial impurities and yielded immaculate results, no microbial activity of any kind.

Dr.Ganja Pink Panther was also tested for mycotoxins and all tests came back negative, none detected.

Heavy Metals
Dr.Ganja Pink Panther was examined for heavy metals.

Packaging & Shipping
Packages are double-wrapped and packed in airtight mylar bags. There is no smell or odor. All the products we carry at Dr.Ganja are shipped quickly and discreetly.

Wondering if we can ship to you? Check out our shipping info.

Product Size & Info
Dr.Ganja Pink Panther CBD hemp flower is available in 7 gram increments. It tested at 20.0664% CBDA and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Grown in the USA.

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