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Dr. Ganja had its beginnings back in 2009 as a medical marijuana doctor’s office in West Hollywood, California. It all began with evaluating patients for the purpose of analyzing how hemp-oriented products could best benefit them. Ultimately, this initial passion for all things CBD grew into the website you are now visiting.

It has become our mission to give people a gateway toward being able to purchase quality CBD products. Therefore, we want to stock health and wellness solutions that can give consumers a good CBD benefit.  A big part of that commitment is our Dr. Ganja Cultivar Partner hemp flower.

Any number of different things may challenge your life. We all deal with stresses from work, family and school. We all deal with health issues of some kind.  Quality of life diminishes with restlessness, anxiety, inflammation and sore joints, or unhealthy skin. But there is one potential cure for some or all of these – and more. Our firm belief is that CBD treatment is effective against a number of these common problems.

Dr. Ganja took to developing and offering a wide variety of CBD products of their own. We showcase premium CBD hemp flower buds, as Dr. Ganja Cultivar Partner. But we also work with other companies as a central point for customers to access incredible CBD products.

If you’re going to share medical advice or sell therapeutic products then you have to be professional, in our opinion. And we strive to do just that as well as build a reputation for reliability. We want users to rely on Dr. Ganja for buying quality products, as well as discovering up and coming CBD companies.

We hope you find Dr. Ganja to be your best option for quality CBD products. Part of that includes offering you the biggest and best priced collection of premium CBD hemp flower buds.