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​CBD and how it can help you quit smoking nicotine cigarettes and battle addiction? Dr.Ganja

​CBD and how it can help you quit smoking nicotine cigarettes and battle addiction

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This blog post is the
first for Dr.Ganja by my friend the CBDQueen she knows a lot about CBD, if you have any
questions for her please contact us and we’ll connect you!

Nicotine effects many Americans every day. The best way to start this is to explain how nicotine effects the
body and how a habit has made many Americans addicted. Nicotine dependence is
the term used and related to the addiction to nicotine other words tobacco more
commonly in the form of a cigarette.

When you’re dependent on something you can’t quit or stop it. When most people want to smoke it’s
usually because they want the effects their body gets from the nicotine. A lot
of tobacco users state they experience mental and physical changes. They want to
relieve stress, socially or with pleasure. You must first find your reason for
smoking to better understand your addiction. Maybe it’s a pattern in your life
maybe you only smoke with a beer or coffee perhaps you only smoke after you eat
or on a work break.

When smokers want to quit they tend to find a replacement. Some use food, sweets or maybe even another addiction.
When quitting sometimes these things come into play and is usually the first
step and how they start the quitting process.

Nicotine is so addictive because the way it effects our brain. The brain is made up of
billions of nerve cells that release chemicals known as neurotransmitters
basically and a nicotine molecule is shaped similar to a neurotransmitter
called acetylcholine. This specific neurotransmitter contributes to many bodily
functions from breathing, muscle functions, heart rate and more. They also can
release hormones that can affect your memory, mood and with some people even
appetite this list can go on.

One of the ways nicotine gets people addicted is how it affects our brain by activating areas
that can raise our dopamine levels. What does that mean you might be asking? Dopamine
is our pleasure molecule. This is the same molecule that is associated with
more serious drug related addictions such as heroin and cocaine. THC can also affect
our dopamine levels.

Now let’s dig deeper how CBD on Dr.Ganja can help with such a strong addiction as nicotine. Let
me tell you about CBD. If you don’t already know it has no psychoactive properties
which mean you won’t get high, which is a common misunderstanding among new CBD
users when they relate CBD to THC. we have a endocannabinoid system which can suppress
GABA inhibitors so when they get suppressed our body naturally increases
dopamine production.

So how can CBD help someone quit smoking? Well let me start by telling you CBD reduces anxiety
levels some even say it reduces stress. Replacing a cigarette with a Dr.Ganja pre-rolled CBD hemp flower blunt would eliminate the oral fixation of needing
to smoke. Without stress or anxiety the need and wants to smoke decreases, so
you may no longer have the urge to smoke if that was your reasoning.

CBD is a calming with pain relief best described without the crazy side effects similar to opioid
prescriptions. If you attempted to quit smoking and switched to a vaporizer try
CBD vape liquid found on Dr.Ganja instead of a nicotine based liquid. Some
people like to roll cigarettes and with the accessibility and wide selection of CBD hemp flower available Dr.Ganja you can also roll cigarettes and have an
oral fixation replacement.

Since CBD has no psychoactive properties they say it also won’t have an addictive property. So
CBD is not an addictive. If you’re new to CBD it can be very scary because there
are a lot of people who don’t understand what CBD is.

CBD is always mistaken as marijuana and getting a person high which is not at all true. When trying
CBD I always say take a walking start. Just remember take it slow like starting
in the shallow end, low dose is best and increase as you see fit for your own
lifestyle. CBD has many benefits and is worth the try to help you quit something
as bad for your body as nicotine.

These are solely my onions with some factual evidence to support. I always recommend learning about your
endocannabinoid system and how CBD affects you to better understand what you’re

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