Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Strain Review


Have you ever heard the inside scoop on one of the highest yielding, most potent, Sativa-dominant CBD strains around? No! Well, then it’s time to introduce you to our friend — Hawaiian Haze.


Hawaiian Haze CBD flower is a cross between DC Haze and Early Resin Berry (ERB). The history of the Haze family of strains goes all the way back to the 1960s. It all started in a small beach town called Santa Cruz, California. This plant was able to thrive there because it had a long flowering time and needed enough sun and warmth to make it to a November harvest.  

Its other parent, ERB has played an integral role in creating some of the best cannabis strains with high CBD, low THC content.


Hawaiian Haze CBD strain produces medium-sized nugs with deep green leaves and dark orange hairs. They’re also dusted with little crystals, also known as trichomes, for quality you can see and appreciate. Not only do the crystals highlight the bud’s beautiful appearance but they also tell a bit of a story.

You see, the more crystals on a hemp bud, the stronger the aromas and the more potent the strain.

CBD and THC Concentration

On average, the CBD concentration in Hawaiian Haze CBD strain buds ranges from 18% to 22%. The variation in the percentage has to do with the uniqueness of each batch. Either way you slice it, these numbers are high — so the potency is off the charts.

When you see the ‘cannabinoid profile’ tested by our third-party lab, you’ll see the Delta-9 THC percentage is 0.22%, which is below the legal limit of 0.3%.

Besides CBD and THC, you can find the other cannabinoids present in this strain by looking over the lab report. Diversity is important in life, and so is the diverse nature of the cannabinoid profile. 


The aroma of Hawaiian Haze CBD strain doesn’t disappoint and does its name justice. When you think of Hawaii, and the paradise that it is, you can’t help but recall all the wonderful tropical smells and flavors, right? Then get ready for a trip down nostalgia lane with this one. It offers a strong mix of fruits, like mangoes and pineapple, combined with citrusy and peppery notes. At the core, its earthy sweetness is undeniable.


If you put some of this flower in your dry herb vaporizer, the flavor profile will mimic its aroma. However, when you light a flame to your joint, the taste isn’t quite as tropical. In fact, it’s much more subtle, which often occurs due to combustion.  

So, if you’re the type of person who wants to satisfy your palate, vaping is the way to go. You’ll be able to taste hints of fruity sweetness and citrus. 


With the Sativa-dominance, yet diverse terpene profile you can experience a range of effects. A lot of what you’ll feel depends on how much you consume at once. Taking three to four hits from your joint can promote a happy buzz, that’s mentally uplifting. 

But, if you smoke an entire joint in one sitting, the sensation creeps up in your body. So, you may feel calmer, less stressed, pain-free, and you may even feel the desire to take a nice nap or tuck yourself into bed for the night.

Price Range per gram

At Dr.Ganja we offer Hawaiian Haze in five different weight options, starting with 1 gram all the way up to 1 ounce, which is 28 grams. The price for a single gram is $10, but the higher the quantity, the larger the price savings. For example, the cost for 7 grams is $30. This works out to a cost of $4.29/gram compared to $10/gram.

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