CBD Helped With My Grief & Depression


This is solely an experience version and my opinions only not to be mistaken or confused.

When I Started Using CBD For Grief

I was diagnosed with pstd and with lupus take that and mix it up with losing my brother 11 months ago to suicide. You could only imagine the roller coaster ride I was on. My mother found him and me and my sister came home to our house surrounded by police.

I want to share my experience with coping with grief with the use of CBD (cannabidiol). I refused to take any pills or see a therapist because it was too hard on me personally and trust me I tried but hated the responses from the therapists and I know some can relate to this.

Death is not fun no matter who we lose but death by suicide is a vicious grief cycle and causes severe depression or at least that’s what it did for me. I am not saying everyone can use CBD for grief, but it helped me and my family.

We all tried different ways to cope at first from group counseling to one on one, I even tried anger management. My mom was placed on big pharma xanex for a short period before being switched to a non-addictive version which she stated didn’t help her. My sister was put on an anti-depressant she was trying to take it with no luck, she started getting anxiety attacks. I was dabbing isolate and taking edibles.

How My Family Got Started On CBD

My family wanted to know how I was coping so well. They don’t like marijuana and when I lived in a legal state they hated my “drug” (marijuana) use, which is ok not everyone agrees and that’s fine but it helped me. So when I said it’s the CBD they were very curious but scared because like most people they related it to cannabis.

I didn’t want a beginner or newbie as I call it to try a dab, so instead I let them hit a vape pen with hemp CBD. They tried this vape for a week and I asked them how it made them feel because I wanted to know if they were getting better. They said relaxed and not so horrible. They started feeling better, I was thrilled to hear it and when I mean better well as good as we can be. My mom stopped having her own depressing suicidal thoughts; my sister stopped having anxiety attacks. They shared a gram cartridge over a period of about 2 weeks.

What Cannabidiol Is and Isn’t

It’s not a miracle drug and we will never forget my brother or stop hurting over his death but it has helped us work through it and gain coping skills and without a note or a reason we were left to assume and guess which caused a lot of anger within the family and blame and for something as simple as CBD to calm us all down and work through it as a family rather than against each other mad and wishing we could trade places with my brother.

It has many health benefits I believe it could help others. Grief sucks majorly but so does depression. What if you could take CBD instead of pharma pills to feel better, would you at least try it? Grief is overwhelming and you can experience a handful of emotions with it, you can even repeat the emotions a lot and cannabidiol is known to help many of them.

Moving On From THC

I decided to quit THC and go for just hemp which scared me at first because I liked my THC and I didn’t want to relive the emotions I had when I first lost my brother. After a few weeks, I am not finding myself on the floor crying asking why anymore, I’m calmer and found my smiling again, so I know it helped me.

I use all forms of from tincture to topical to flower that I smoke. When i feel anxiety, anger or sadness coming I take something CBD and my experience has made me believe it helps and works with my grief cycle.

I volunteered with a lot of pstd veterans and wounded warriors and they almost had the same symptoms as my grief cycle due to their experiences in the military and they told me that CBD helped them cope, which is why I started my therapy with it.

I hope this helps others, I know not everything works for everyone but this worked for me and many others so it’s worth a shot. If you want to try a CBD product from Dr.Ganja use coupon code: CBD Queen at checkout.

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