Koi CBD Vape Juice Strawberry Milkshake Review


Why vape CBD? Vaping CBD is very popular because the results are fast and can last hours. Some folks don’t care for the taste of vaping straight cannabidiol. So, Koi flavors their e-liquids with many delicious flavors. Strawberry Milkshake is but one of their many options.

In my family we deal with some chronic health issues. I have systemic osteoarthritis and my wife has multiple sclerosis. We’ve taken CBD products and hemp oil for years because we like the results. Vaping cannabis products takes the edge off my arthritis pain. It helps my bride with her mobility issues as well as stiffness. And there have never been any negative side effects for us.

Because I enjoy vaping marijuana products, I wanted to try vaping some CBD. I was familiar with the Koi brand and like fruity flavors. Thus, I decided to try out Koi’s Strawberry Milkshake vape juice. I was very glad that I did! I loved the taste and the 500mg potency.

I also wanted to learn a bit more about the manufacturer. I’m thorough that way. So, I did some Internet searching and reading.

Who is KOI CBD?

The beauty of the koi fish represents the beauty of beneficial cannabidiol. At least it does to this company. That’s why the fish is part of their logo.

They say Koi also stands for quality. The company only uses the best US organically grown hemp for their source. They use accredited labs to test the purity of their ingredients. They leave nothing to chance. And they publish batch test results online for everyone to see. That builds confidence in their brand.

The company is all about mental and physical wellness. They think that hemp-derived products are the key to achieving good health.

And they offer their customers many ways to dose. Their supplements include tinctures, topicals, edible gummies, and vape juice. No matter how you like to take your medicine, they make a product for you.

Koi CBD Vape Juice Strawberry Milkshake: product specifications

  • Product size:
    • 1 fluid ounce/30ml
  • Strength:
    • 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg
  • Suggested Use:
    • Can be used in any vaporizer as needed. Also works as a tincture, taken orally under the tongue.
  • Ingredients
    • 100% natural cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, food-grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavorings

Appearance, labeling and first impressions

A rectangular black box with a red fish on it holds the Koi vape juice. The box is sturdy cardboard. There’s a faint swirling watermark as a backdrop for the fish.

The top flap of the box has the fish logo. It also notes the flavor and strength. In this case, Strawberry Milkshake and 500mg respectively

What you might call the front of the box is actually two of the longer sides. The Koi name and fish logo stretch across both panels. The leftmost panel just has the letter K and the fish tail. The rest of the brand name and remainder of the fish is on the right panel. On the bottom right they note potency above the letters CBD. And the flavor of the juice and volume of the bottle are below that.

Beside the panel with the flavor and potency info is one describing the Koi ‘standard’. The founders established the company in 2015. They use only the highest-quality ingredients. Their hemp is grown in the USA. It mentions third-party testing and certification.

Below the standard statement is a circular logo for ‘lab test results’. Next to that is a QR code that links to a website with the published batch results.

An American flag is next. The words below it read ‘hemp grown and extracted in the USA’. And lastly is the company web address.

The final package panel has a lot of information. They list out all ingredients, with cannabidiol being first. Then there’s propylene glycol and food-grade vegetable glycerin. And the final ingredients are natural and artificial flavors.

The company mailing address and phone number follow. There is a suggested use and storage section. The product is best stored in a cool dry place away from light, heat and humidity.

Below the usage info are some warnings. One is ‘keep out of reach of children’. The vape oil is not for use by people younger than 21. There are cautions against use by pregnant women or those with medical conditions. Consulting your doctor is wisely recommended. And there is an advisory that it contains trace amounts of THC. Pretty standard stuff for vaping products.

After a warning that the product hasn’t undergone evaluation by the FDA, there is a barcode. And that’s it. Lots of reading if you want information.

The black dropper bottle inside the contains some of the same stuff. Logo, contents and potency are on display. There’s also a list of social media icons. The physical and web addresses are there. So, the most important data.

Smell and taste

As interesting and informative as the box and bottle may be, the star of any review is using the product.

So, I unscrewed the top of the bottle and removed the eyedropper. I sucked up some of the fruity-smelling liquid with the dropper. I then carefully filled my reusable vape cartridge. After that I attached the filled cart to the top of my vape. All I had left to do was to thumb the button while inhaling through the top nozzle.

The KOI CBD oil produced nice vapor. Breathing it in, I could immediately taste the strawberry milkshake flavor. I exhaled a big, white cloud of sweet smelling vapor. The aftertaste was like having drank a thick strawberry shake. And the flavor got stronger with each hit.
This product is definitely tasty and aromatic, but what about the effects?

Testing process and experience

CBD vape oil is a concentrate, so the effects are strong and last pretty long. I have enjoyed vaping other cannabis products for those same reasons.

When I puffed on the Koi juice, there was some pretty quick sublingual effect. Some of the medicine gets absorbed immediately through the mouth. My pain started to ease within minutes. It took around ten to fifteen minutes for the full response, though.

Because I know that concentrates can come on strong, I always start with just a puff or two. Then I wait awhile to see how the full effects are. Once you know how well you tolerate the potency, you can add a puff or several.

The first thing I noticed was a feeling of mental relaxation. Not giddiness, but very pleasant. Happy would be an apt description. The next effect that registered was lessening pain.

I have chronic arthritis in my back and both knees. The stiffness and soreness began to ease within minutes. That only added to the already relaxing mental effects.

My improved mood and soothed body stayed for a couple of hours. As pain and stress started to creep back, I took another couple of puffs and relief returned.

The beauty of this product is that it’s easy to dose with throughout the day. And if you use a pen vape, those are easy to pocket when you’re on the go. Plus, one button operation makes vaping a breeze.

I would caution against using this while or before driving. There is some drowsiness with higher doses.

All things considered, it’s an excellent vape juice!

Final Verdict

If you like vaping and CBD, you’ll probably like this vape juice. It works well for pain and stress. It is somewhat sedating, so use sensible precautions. But the strawberry milkshake flavor is as strong as this product is potent. I both enjoyed the taste and the effects. I felt relief from pain within minutes. And I also experienced a boost to my mood. Both improvements lasted a couple of hours.

There are, of course, many other flavors of Koi vape juice. And they have a range of potencies to suit your needs. I plan on trying a variety of their vaping products. They have won me over as a customer, because their product was enjoyable and worked. That means a lot.

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