​What is a Flower?


You may be wondering why a marijuana bud is called a marijuana flower. It’s weird, right? Well, even though we sometimes call it a bud, it still is a flower and in my personal opinion, it isn’t a pretty one. Maybe you have a different opinion, but our opinions shouldn’t matter too much right now.

What matters is that you understand what a hemp flower is and how you can benefit from it. So, in this blog post, I’ll let you know what you need to know about the hemp flower so you’re not too confused before you use it.

So, the first question that you probably are wondering is, what the heck is a marijuana flower? I mean, when I first handled a flower, I was so confused as to what it was that I sort of looked like an idiot when I was handling it. So, the marijuana flower is just a part of the marijuana plant that looks bud – like and it holds the highest amount of THC. On the bud – like flower, you will find calyxes, pistils, and trichomes, which contribute to the overall affects that the plant has on you! So, whether your flower comes in bunches or as one whole, it doesn’t matter too much. What matters for you is what the flower is and how it helps.

There are also both male and female plants. Crazy, right? If I were to think marijuana had a gender, I’d probably think it was a female because of how it interacts with me, but that’s just my personal opinion. No shame to the gentlemen out there! I could see the male species being a marijuana plant, too. Female and male flowers will grow completely differently, so you can see the difference. It’s no different than seeing a male over a female when you are walking down the street. Yet, how do you even use a flower? That’s probably what you actually want to know.

There are so many different ways to use flowers, but the most common way is through smoking. Depending on your desired form of smoking, you can choose and have a blast with it! I mean, come on – I am sure not going to tell you how to smoke your own specific flower! If you don’t prefer to smoke your flower, you can also make an oil with it. Personally, I’m not a huge smoker, so I know oil is definitely my preferred method of marijuana. You can use the different flowers you have to make an oil in your own kitchen, and then you can use that oil for your own benefit or you can make an edible. I know I’d rather eat an edible than plain old oil – I mean, it sort of tastes gross, right?

Anyways, flowers are awesome and if you haven’t tried using one, it’s suggested that you give it a shot. Here at Dr. Ganja, we have great CBD flowers that are perfect for anyone at a discounted rate with this coupon code: Heal420. You may even want to give these products a try:

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