Kosmic Kush Hemp Strain Review

Kosmic Kush Hemp Strain Review

You don’t have to go downtown if you’re just looking for some kush. Because it is legal in most places, you can buy this cannabis online.

Why would you want to? Because it’s a strong-tasting and terrific-smelling hemp. Plus, it has powerful effects. And practically no THC means benefits without buzz.

Unlike some CBD flowers, this one is not very sedating. That makes it a good all-day strain. So, whenever you need some stress or pain relief, this is something you can reach for.

Early in the day, it goes great with coffee and breakfast. Likewise, you can enjoy some at lunch if you decide to dose. And, in the evening, it is a suitable after-supper de-stressor from the day’s activities.

Want to know even more about this out-of-this-world bud? Read on.

Kosmic Kush Hemp Strain: Product Specifications

  • Genetics: Bubba Kush CBD 66 X ST/ERB (Sour Tsunami/ Early Resin Berry)
  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • CBDA 20.2262%
    • CBCA .7987%
    • CBD .7070%
    • CBGA .2616%
    • CBDVA .2176%
    • CBG .0514%
    • D9-THC ND
    • THCA .8118%
  • Total Measured Cannabinoids 20.3294%
  • Top 3 Terpenes:
    • Terpinolene, β-Caryophyllene, β-Myrcene
  • Terpene Profile:
    • Terpinolene .2995%
    • β-Caryophyllene .1680%
    • β-Myrcene .1054%
    • Ocimene .0997%
    • α-Bisabolol .0473%
    • α-Humulene .0462%
    • δ-Limonene .0423%
    • β-Pinene .0316%
    • α-Pinene .0250%
    • δ-3-Carene .0232%
    • trans-Nerolidol .0204%
    • Linalool .0154%
    • α-Terpinene .0117%
    • γ-Terpinene .0089%
    • Caryophyllene Oxide .0073%
    • Isopulegol .0041%
    • Eucalyptol .0029%
    • Geraniol <LOQ
  • Total Measured Terpenes .9590%

All source plants are lab-tested to ensure there are no pesticides. There are also no microbials, no mycotoxins, and no heavy metals.

Appearance, Labeling, and First Impressions

I pulled out the buds from the Styrofoam packing peanuts in the square mailing box. My first takeaway was that the all-black bag was resealable.

Unless you’re gonna smoke it all, you want good storage for your stash. This cannabis comes with its own air-tight container. How handy is that?

The front side is simple. The Dr. Ganja logo is emblazoned in green near the top. It identifies the contents as ‘CBD Hemp Flower’. It states that it was ‘nurtured and grown in the USA’. And It says that the herb contains ‘0.3% delta-9 THC or less’. At the bottom is a list of things the bud was lab-tested for.

While all of the above is interesting and important, the best part of the front panel is the window. In the middle of the pack is a plastic screen that displays the gorgeous green nugs inside. More on those in just a bit.

The reverse side of the resealable bag has a lot more info.

The name of the strain is featured on a white sticker on the back. It also has a batch number and highlights some of the detected cannabinoids and terpenes. It has a QR code that links to online testing results. And it lists the weight of the hemp as 7g.

There’s a paragraph of info and disclaimers like ‘produced in accordance with the Farm bill’. It does caution that that product does not promise to ‘diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease’. Lots of standard industry stuff.

There is also a web address and telephone number for customer contact.

That was about it for the container.

Now for the nugs.

I opened up the zip-seal top. As soon as I unzipped the bag, I detected a strong skunky smell mixed with powerful pine perfume.

Reaching in, I plucked out a bud to examine. It was good-sized. The texture was spongy.

I turned it over in my hand. The flower was light green. There were golds and purples mixed in, too. And there were lots of white specks all over. It was well-coated with sugary trichomes.

I snapped off a small piece. There was a bit of stickiness, but it wasn’t overly gluey.

I couldn’t wait to try some in my trusty bong!

Smell and Taste

I quickly ground enough for a bowl or two. I assembled my bong. And I put a spark to the Kush.

I breathed it in deeply. The taste was citrus lemon with an earthy aftertaste. Like eating fresh fruit right off the tree. It was a very satisfying smoke when it came to flavor.

Plumes of pine scent and sour skunk filled the air. The haze that filled the apartment was rather dense. I like a cannabis cologne that lingers and this did.

It created a nice fog of dankness. The shafts of sunlight coming from the windows were a visual bonus.

Okay, so it smoked great. It also smelled and tasted terrific. But what about the benefits?

Testing Process and Experience

Dosing by smoking doesn’t produce much immediate effect. Sometimes, there’s a little bit of relief right away. That’s because some of the cannabinoids do get absorbed through your mouth. Overall, it does take a few minutes to go from your lungs and through the bloodstream to blossom in your brain.

But once it does kick in, it is nice!  I’d say it took all of fifteen minutes to get to full steam.

The first thing I noticed was a feeling of relaxation settling in. Not sleepiness but calmness. I still felt mentally alert. But the destressing was noticeable.

Then I was aware of the easing of my osteoarthritis joint pain. My discomfort dialed down considerably and stayed low for hours.

All the benefits, for both pain and stress, lasted for several hours before it was time to puff some more.

I did my trial in the evening. I tend to try hemp strains at night because I have found CBD flower to be sedating sometimes. While this one didn’t make me sleepy, it did relax me a lot. That night I slept incredibly well.

This bud can be enjoyed throughout the day. It isn’t going to couch-lock you, but it will help you deal better with stress and pain.

Now that we’ve explored the kosmic together, let’s recap.

Final Verdict

A sativa hemp like this one works well throughout the day. It’s relaxing but not tranquilizing. So, it’d be great at breakfast, fine for lunch, and super after supper.

It’s dank cannabis with fabulous flavor. The spongy green nugs smell of pine and diesel. When lit those odors intensify nicely. And when you draw in the smoke, it fills your mouth with a citrusy succulence. There is a bit of earthy aftertaste to it, too.

Not only is it an enjoyable dosing experience but the effects are likewise excellent. Stellar stress and pain relief come within minutes. These benefits hung around for several hours.

It really is a blast, smoking this bud! Could you use some kush? Give this one a try!

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