Delta 8 THC Distillate versus THC-O Distillate. What are they?

Delta 8 THC Distillate vs THC-O Distillate

These newly discovered Cannabinoids, that may affect your Endocannabinoid System, are both exciting and fascinating with similar structures of other Cannabinoids, but with different effects!

What is the Endocannabinoid System, you ask? Do we all have it?

Yes, we do! The Endocannabinoid System is a natural portion of how we regulate and balance processes in our bodies.

Even more, both Delta 8 THC and THC-O are chemical compounds that are secreted from the cannabis plants as resin, and this resin can have different effects on the body than other Cannabinoids.

Our Delta 8 THC and THC-O Distillate are fully purified and concentrated oil from hemp flower with no microbials, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, foreign matter or contaminants whatsoever. 

The Effects

Now, for the exciting part, the other effects these Cannabinoids can have! What effects are you looking for?

The first Cannabinoid and my go-to is Delta 8 THC, a cannabinoid that occurs in much smaller concentrations than most other cannabinoids, and I especially like it because it can have less psychotropic effects than Delta 9 THC!

Also, Delta 8 THC is most often sold in the form of distillates or edibles, such as our Delta 8 distillate. 

For me, the effects of CBD aren’t as much as I need/want and yet Delta 9 THC is too much, because I don’t like the feeling of being foggy, and it can make me feel dizzy, even in small amounts. 

Usually, my CBD vape cartridges last me about a week, and they are a very high potency, such as 3CHI CBD Vape Cartridge Calm with 1000mg of hemp oil. It takes 2 to 3 puffs for the effects I am seeking, which don’t last very long and I go through it fairly quickly.

With the Cannabinoid Delta 8 THC, however, it is very potent and a little goes a long way, especially in a distillate form, which is pure and concentrated resin and or chemical compound of hemp flower. 

Delta 8 THC products can help me feel relief sooner, and I have had the effects last longer than CBD. I particularly like vaping, as it hits the blood stream within minutes. The exciting news for me was that the Delta 8 THC and THC-O Distillate can be both be used as an additive and vaped!

The Science

To get technical, Delta 8 is considered to be an isomer that forms as Delta-9 THC ages and oxidizes. This process increases the stability of the Δ8 molecular structure so that it does not degrade as easily and lasts much longer over time. This is ideal for me, because less is needed due to its potency, and I don’t have to worry about using it in a short-term span.

It should also be noted that Delta-8 THC and Delta 9-THC contain similarities in their molecular structure. Both contain double bonds, but D8 contains the bond on the 8th carbon chain and not on the 9th.

What does that mean? While D8 and D9 THC, have similarities, each can have different effects, specifically Delta 8, with a greatly reduced version of the psychotropic effects of Delta 9.

Something else that excites me is that there is also a small amount of CBN, another cannabinoid.

This Delta 8 Distillate is filled with 80% D8 and 10% CBN in their purest forms, or a CBN/D8 ratio of 1:8. The total cannabinoids of this Delta 8 THC distillate are an impressive 88%, and the total THC of 0.08%. There is also trace amounts of THCa, but a very small amount.

What is Cannabinol or CBN?

CBN is a Cannabinoid that is becoming more well known, and that is because it can have more calming and medicinal effects.

Cannabis, such as D8, typically contains trace amounts of CBN when compared to the other, more known Cannabinoids, and can be have similar effects as CBD with its potential antibacterial and neuroprotectant qualities.

Also, D8 requires an intricate process of extraction, isolation, conversion and refinement. With Δ8, there are benefits and effects to serve both medicinal and recreational consumers.

The compound Δ8 is legally derived from hemp and does not contain more than 0.3% Δ9-THC in accordance with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (also known as the 2018 Farm Bill). Within the Bill, it states that all derivatives, isomers and cannabinoids in hemp are federally legal provided that all final products contain less than 0.3% D9 THC.

Lastly, If you are subject to routine drug screenings, do not consume Δ8-THC.

Each state has their own separate laws regarding hemp products. Please be aware of the laws within your state/province of residence.

Also, please note that the Psychotropic potency of Delta 8 THC will often vary. For this reason, please do not operate a vehicle after consuming Δ8 products. Consult your doctor before use.

Now, let’s discover THC-O Distillate!

THC-O-Acetate is actually one of many known cannabinoids, but until recently I didn’t know about the effects or the difference between Delta 9 THC.

This THC-O distillate is considered a chemical compound, and in its simplest form it has the ability to attach itself to the receptors in the Endocannabinoid system in the human body, as does Delta 8 THC, and other cannabinoids.

Like Delta 8 THC distillate, the THC-O distillate is also pure with no contaminants, and can be vaped or as an additive.

This Cannabinoid is also known as THC-O-Acetate, as well as THC Acetate, THC-O, and ATHC. It is commonly referred to as THC-O or ATHC.

Please note that ATHC is not the same as THCA. THCA is a tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which is a parent molecule to THC, and the ‘a’ in THCA is for acid.

The difference is that THCA naturally occurs in raw cannabis and converts to THC through a process known as decarboxylation.

This cannabinoid, THC-O or ATHC, however, is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid and can only be formulated in a laboratory.

Interesting, right?

Now, the creation of THCO involves the removal of other beneficial compounds to process THC-O, including terpenes and flavonoids, which can create an Isolate and unnatural form. That form is typically a brown liquid, also known as the ‘analog’ form of THC.

Why is this analog form important?

Both THC and THC-O are different due to the acetate molecule, and adding the acetate of THC-O makes the THC component stronger.

What’s the most exciting part is that this cannabinoid, THC-O, is even more potent than the original THC molecule! Even better is that it has the ability to be absorbed into the brain barrier, and therefore may have more potent effects and a stronger experience.

The exciting part of this THC-O Distillate is that the total cannabinoid percentage is 95%!

This includes 16% Delta 8 THC as well as 94% of THCO.

The D8/THCO ratio is 1:9

This ratio is suggesting that you can have the best of both worlds with both Delta 8 and THC-O!

While I am not a fan of THC, THC-O fascinates me with the potency and stronger effects, especially with what a simple molecule can do! Especially the fact that it also has D8!

Plus, it’s a distillate and there are no impurities or contaminants, as with Delta 8 THC Distillate. I feel like the more we discover and learn about other forms of THC, the more people will find what they are looking for in terms of effects and potencies. Everyone is different, and Delta 8 is the best option for me. What’s yours? 

Please note that if you have not consumed THC-O before, it is recommended that you start with a very small dose and increase from there. Also that consuming THC-O is akin to a hallucinogenic experience induced by psilocybin and that all of Dr.Ganja’s products have 0.3% THC or less.

Also keep in mind that If you are subject to routine drug screenings, do not consume THC-O.

Each state has their own separate laws regarding hemp products. Please be aware of the laws within your state/province of residence.

Psychotropic potency of THC-O will often vary. For this reason, please do not operate a vehicle after consuming THC-O products.

Consult your doctor before use.

What do you think? Comments and Questions are welcome. 

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  1. Posted by D on February 6, 2022

    Didn’t get anything out of the thco dab’it to got no effects at all got the 1oz distillate would like some kind of answer of why I felt nothing please reply back thanks

    • Hi D,

      How was the THC-O distillate dabbed?

      It can also be vaped by adding it to a vape cartridge. Another option is using it as an additive, sublingually, and a wide variety of edibles, such as coconut oil or other oils as well as honey or just water.

      You may have a high tolerance. Do you use THC-O or other distillates often?

      THC-O takes longer to feel the effects than other cannabinoids. If ingesting, please wait 2-3 hours after consumption to determine strength and tolerance level.

      THC-O is absorbed and filtered by the liver in the same way as any other cannabinoid that goes into your body. However, THC-O molecules are much more potent than smoked, vaped, dabbed or orally consumed THC. So despite how the body filters the molecules, the portion that is able to travel beyond the brain barrier will provide a very strong experience.

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