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Pineberry CBD hemp flower is cannabidiol rich hemp that is perfect for chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Many users report Pineberry works great as a night-time sleep aid and it’s wonderful lemon and berry flavors and smell make it that much more enjoyable!

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A cross between Ringo’s Gift and Early Resin Berry, Pineberry comes with all the pleasant qualities of its parents; namely, high resin content and huge terpene profiles. With the smell of pine and citrus and a dash of sweet hay, Pine Berry’s smell and taste are just a hint at what this flower has to offer.

It’s terpene repertoire includes a whole lot of myrcene as well as caryophyllene, pinene, and farnesene. This high terpene content, especially of β-Myrcene, make this strain perfect for soothing pain and inflammation at the start or the end of a long day. In fact, here at Dr.Ganja, this product has taken precedent as the go-to hemp flower for sleepless nights.

Batch # O102219AC

Ringo’s Gift x ERB (Early Resin Berry)

Long, wispy leaves of various shades of green are tightly packed among the orange/brown hairs and crystals throughout. Pineberry is dense and seems well-cured.

Just as in the name, Pineberry has an amazing aroma that settles between pine and citrus and berry and bright fruit. The sweetness of the fruit is subtle, but the citrus is in your face and blatant.

Using your vape on Pineberry brings out the best in her. The dominant flavors of fresh hay and pine come through upfront, while the undertones of ripe fruit are present on the finish. Both PB’s taste and smell are fantastic!

It has somewhat of a cult status here at Dr.Ganja as being one of the most sought after flowers for bedtime. While consuming her in small quantities in the morning provides a focused boost, she really shows her true colors when taken in the evening. After consumption near dusk you’ll find yourself constantly yawning and fantasizing about curling up in bed. These powerful sedative effects show that the amount of CBD and THC aren’t the only factors involved in dictating how potent a flower is, as PB is decently modest on both cannabinoids, yet packs a tranquilizing punch. The other cannabinoids as well as an impressive amount and variation of terpenes, helps in shaping her strength.

(Looking for a full review of Pineberry hemp flower? We did one on our blog! Check it out here!)

Cannabinoid Profile
CBC .047%
CBCA .67%
CBD .36%
CBDA 15%
CBDVA .105%
CBG .065%
CBGA .35%
D9-THC .057%
THCA .56%

Total Measured Cannabinoids 17.2%

Top 3 Terpenes
β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Pinene

Terpene Profile
beta-Caryophyllene .24%
alpha-Farnesene .0054%
beta-Farnesene .063%
Guaiol .056%
alpha-Humulene .057%
Limonene .091%
Linalool .021%
beta-Myrcene 2.3%
cis-beta-Ocimene .066%
alpha-Pinene .158%
beta-Pinene .065%
alpha-Terpineol .0172%

Total Measured Terpenes 3.1%

No pesticides detected. We test all of our flower at Dr.Ganja to make sure what you’re consuming is pure and safe. Check out the attached safety pesticide lab reports in the images.

This flower was tested for microbial impurities and yielded immaculate results, no microbial activity of any kind.

This flower was also tested for mycotoxins and all tests came back negative, none detected.

Heavy Metals
Dr.Ganja Pineberry CBD flower was examined for heavy metals and tested below the limits set forth by the BCC.

Packaging & Shipping
All our hemp flower is double-wrapped and packed in airtight mylar bags. There is no smell or odor. All of the CBD flower we carry at Dr.Ganja is shipped quickly and discreetly.

Wondering if we can ship to you? Check out our shipping info.

Product Size & Info 
Dr.Ganja Pineberry CBD hemp flower is available in 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams and 1 ounce size increments. It’s tested at 15% CBDA and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Grown in the USA.

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    Answered by the admin We don't sell seeds.
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    Answered by the admin For international shipping please contact us directly.
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    Answered by the admin All the strains we currently have are outdoor grown and were harvested around October.
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    Answered by the admin Yes, they ship to Virginia.
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    Answered by the admin This product doesn't contain any d9-THC but it does contain trace amounts of THCa.
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    Answered by the admin CBD promotes alertness.
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    A CBD is known to offer pain relief. Read some of the reviews below to get a better idea.
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    Answered by the admin Yes we do!
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    A Hey, all the products available on Dr.Ganja including the flower is in accordance with the law. Though state to state laws do vary and you should do further research for the rules and regulations in your state.
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    A Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. If your order came in after 3pm PST then your order will ship out Monday. Thanks
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