10 Best CBD Gummies: Ultimate Review & Usage Guide


The CBD industry is growing larger and larger by the day. Companies are being formed all over the globe. CBD products are being thought up, formulated, and then brought to life. With this boom, comes plenty of choices for consumers. And who doesn’t love choices, right?

On the flip side, there are hundreds, if not thousands of CBD gummies for sale today and it can be hard finding the ones that stand out. Your decision would be much easier if you could read about the best CBD gummies in one place. That’s exactly who this article is intended for — those who are too busy or not interested in doing tons of research.

Before jumping into the review, we’d like to discuss a few important points first.

There’s a lot of thought, planning, and execution that goes into manufacturing safe CBD products. Companies have to decide where to source their hemp and which third-party laboratory will test their products.

They must figure out the method they’ll use to extract oil from their hemp plants. Then there’s the conversation about which ingredients and sweeteners to use, how many milligrams of CBD to put in each gummy, whether to include THC or not and many other considerations.

We’ve thought about all these points and factored them into our review.

So, after scouring the web, trying out some products ourselves, and reading countless testimonials, we’re ready to share our incredible ’10 best CBD gummies’ list.

Overview: How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies

Before buying CBD gummies, look at the following characteristics to ensure you’re getting the quality product you deserve.

Hemp Source & Extraction Method

If you want the best gummies, start by identifying the source of the CBD. This requires looking into how and where a company’s hemp is grown. Farming practices with hemp plants are really important because hemp is a bio-accumulator. That means it absorbs substances from the soil, like pesticides and heavy metals. These are two contaminants you don’t want in your CBD edibles.

Where Does The Hemp Grow?

Besides looking into a company’s farming practices, it’s also a good idea to see where its hemp grows. Typically, the highest-quality hemp comes from farms in the United States. Conversely, hemp that’s grown in China or Eastern European countries tends to be poor in quality.

Plus, agricultural regulations in the U.S. are more strict thanks to the Federal Farm Bill of 2014. This Bill provides an avenue for hemp farmers to license and certify their plants. These regulations exist to ensure hemp plants are grown under specific and safe standards.

Third-Party Lab Reports

To see if a product has contaminants, read over the company’s third-party lab reports. If a company doesn’t have the reports available on its website, send them a message to inquire. These lab reports contain a lot of good information. They often report the cannabinoid levels or potency of a product. Also, some companies ask the labs to test for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and other contaminants.

Something else to pay attention to in terms of CBD quality is the extraction method used. CO2 (sub and super-critical), and ethanol are some of the cleanest and best CBD extraction methods available.


The potency of most CBD gummies ranges from concentrations of 5 mg to 30 mg — with the most potent gummies weighing in around 50 mg. Clearly, there are many choices and the gap in potencies is fairly large.

This begs the question, “How many gummies should I eat?” Well, there is no ‘0ne-size fits all’ approach to CBD dosing. But, as a general rule of thumb, it’s advised to “start low and go slow” when trying CBD gummies for the first time. After a few days, you can gradually increase your dose until you’re able to achieve your desired results. For specific and targeted dosing advice, use this usage table as a guide.

CBD Usage Table (Daily Recommendations)

ConcernWeight 26-45 lbsWeight 46-85 lbsWeight 86-150 lbsWeight 151-240 lbsWeight 240+ lbs
Mild6 mg9 mg12 mg18 mg22.5 mg
Moderate9 mg12 mg15 mg22.5 mg30 mg
Severe12 mg15 mg18 mg27 mg45 mg


If your preferred way to consume CBD is by eating gummies, then it’s likely you want them to taste great. You’re not alone. The sweet and sour flavors are a big appeal to gummies and a crucial part of deciding which product to buy. Generally speaking, the best tasting foods are the result of the chosen ingredients, and CBD gummies are no different.

That’s why the sweetener selected in the gummy formulation is essential. Sweeteners in foods like candy and gummies are a frequently debated topic. Yet, most people can agree that high fructose corn syrup is one of the worst sweeteners health-wise. None of the CBD gummies that made our ‘best’ list contain this ingredient.

Something else to pay attention to is the amount of sugar used. If you like sweet, but not overly sweet, then make sure the product didn’t overdo it in the sugar category.

Many CBD gummies include natural and artificial flavorings and colors. But some companies only use ingredients derived from fruits to give their gummies color and flavor. Take this into consideration as well, if ‘all-natural’ ingredients matter to you.

Lastly, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, see what type of thickener is used. Gelatin is commonly used for its ability to achieve the ideal gummy consistency. However, gelatin is an animal product. Vegan and vegetarian thickeners include pectin, cornstarch, and tapioca, for example.

Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum vs. Isolates

When you’re searching for CBD gummies, you’ll often see the terms — full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolates. These terms indicate whether a gummy has or doesn’t have THC. Full-spectrum CBD gummies include CBD, other cannabinoids, (including small traces of THC) and terpenes. Isolates are pure CBD and nothing else. And broad-spectrum gummies are a combination of the two.

In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. This is such a small amount of THC, that it won’t cause any psychoactivity or get you high. However, there is a benefit to THC because it creates the “entourage effect.”

Scientific research supports the entourage effect because it shows cannabinoids and terpenes work better together, as opposed to in their pure isolated forms.

But, if you have an aversion to THC or undergo regular drug screenings for your job, stick with broad-spectrum and isolate gummies.

Infused vs. Sprayed

The subject of infusing gummies with CBD or spraying gummies with CBD is another important one. It’s a topic that could easily be overlooked or unknown by the majority of consumers. Many CBD gummy manufacturers make their gummies first, then spray CBD on them as the final step in the manufacturing process. Another common method is to roll gummies in a coat of CBD.

The problem with rolling or spraying CBD is the lack of consistent and even application. Each gummy inside a 30-pack could have varying levels of CBD when using this method of application.

However, when gummies are infused with CBD oil, all the raw ingredients are mixed together first. There are two major benefits to this process. First, mixing helps to get an even blend of CBD throughout every single gummy. Secondly, this process adds a longer shelf-life to the product because it’s better protected from heat and light. If you have any doubts about the potency in your CBD gummies, take a look at the ‘cannabinoid profile’ which is one of the third-party lab tests.

Gummies vs. Other Forms of CBD

Before you can feel the effects, it first needs to be digested and absorbed into your body. And there are several different ways to get CBD into your system.

Eating a CBD gummy falls under the category of oral consumption. Other ways to enjoy CBD include taking CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue), vaping, applying it topically, or using suppositories.

Each form of CBD has a different bioavailability, also referred to as the absorption rate. The most bioavailable forms are vaping, followed by sublingual application. With both these methods, CBD enters your bloodstream almost directly and it bypasses the digestive process.

Ingesting it by eating a gummy or another kind of CBD edible is definitely the easiest way. However, its bioavailability is relatively low. Studies vary a bit on the rates of absorption, ranging anywhere from 6% to 20%. That means, if you eat a gummy that has 20 mg of CBD, you might only absorb 1.2 mg to 4 mg.

These aren’t necessarily the best numbers, but you can increase the bioavailability of edibles when you consume them with saturated fats.

Although these numbers are lower than other forms of consumption, CBD gummies, and other edibles, have their own unique qualities! For instance, ingesting CBD in the form of a gummy lasts longer in your body. Vaping and tinctures may work faster, but their effects don’t last as long. This is where CBD gummies really shine. They’re perfect if you want a constant, slow-acting dose.

We can’t forget that it’s also a delicious way to get CBD into your body. And finally, gummies are portable, colorful, discreet and yummy!

1. SunMed Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Bears — $60.00

SunMed CBD Gummy Bears are coated in broad-spectrum CBD and are naturally and organically sweetened. The ingredients are vegan-friendly, and the gummies are multi-colored and fruity in taste. For a price of $60, you get 30 gummies at 10 mg of CBD per gummy.

Based on the company’s third-party lab reports, other cannabinoids present in these gummy bears include CBC, CBN, CBG, and CBDV. Lab reports also confirm that SunMed CBD Gummy Bears are free of pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and foreign materials.

Product Highlights:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD gummies (THC-free)
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Hemp is sourced from organic farms in Colorado, USA
  • Uses supercritical CO2 to extract CBD oil
  • QR code on each product links back to a copy of the batch-lab report
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Clear and descriptive product labeling for accurate dosing
  • CBD Potency: 5 mg or 10 mg per gummy
  • Count: 30 or 60 gummies per bottle
  • $0.20 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Medium-to-High

Key Ingredients:

  • Broad spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic glucose syrup (wheat)
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colors

2. Cloud N9ne Sour CBD Gummies — $19.50

The 10 pack of Cloud N9ne CBD Gummies has 100 mg of CBD Isolate. They’re just CBD gummies, so you won’t find any traces of THC. These gummies are made by hand and infused with hemp oil, rather than being sprayed with CBD. Infusion helps to evenly distribute CBD in each gummy.

Cloud N9ne CBD sleep gummies include melatonin as one of the main ingredients, so it’s suggested to take 1 or 2 gummies after you’ve eaten dinner and are ready to fall asleep for the night.

Product Highlights:

  • CBD Isolate Gummies (THC-free)
  • Infused with CBD oil
  • Mixed fruit and sour flavor
  • CBD Potency: 10 mg per gummy
  • Count: 10 gummies per bottle
  • $0.20 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Medium-to-High

Key Ingredients:

  • Hemp oil
  • Sugar & Corn syrup
  • Gelatin
  • Artificial flavors
  • Natural flavors
  • Melatonin

3. CBDfx CBD Gummy Bears — $49.00

The CBD gummy bears by CBDfx are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. The company sources it’s hemp from organic farms in Kentucky and uses organic ingredients for its hemp gummies. CBDfx makes ‘classic CBD gummy bears’ that taste like red berries, and ‘antioxidant CBD gummy bears’ that include the superfoods: turmeric and spirulina.

You can either buy these broad-spectrum CBD gummies in a pack of 8 or 60. Both options have 5 mg of CBD per gummy.

Product Highlights:

  • Hemp is grown organically on farms in Kentucky, USA
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil gummies
  • Third-party labs test for accurate levels of CBD
  • Gummies have no pesticides, residual solvents, or heavy metals
  • No corn syrup, animal gelatin, or artificial sweeteners
  • CBD Potency: 5 mg per gummy bear
  • Count: 8 or 60 gummies per package
  • $0.16 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Average

Key Ingredients:

  • Hemp extract
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Organic agave syrup
  • Pectin
  • Organic turmeric
  • Spirulina
  • Natural flavors

4. CBDistillery Sleep Aid CBD Gummies — $49.00

CBDistillery’s Sleep Aid Gummies are formulated with 99% pure CBD Isolate. Each high potency gummy has 30 mg of CBD and 1.5 mg of melatonin. Third-party lab tests confirm the CBD potency in each gummy and also verifies the absence of THC.

The company uses natural flavors to produce tasty fruity gummies that can be enjoyed before bedtime. These CBD gummies for sleep are an exceptional value. At a price of $0.07 per mg of CBD, this is well below the industry average price of $0.16.

Product Highlights:

  • Non-GMO industrial hemp grown on farms in the USA
  • CBD Isolate gummies (THC-free)
  • Cannabinoid potency is tested by a third-party lab
  • Made without gelatin or other animal products
  • No artificial flavors
  • These nighttime gummies include 1.5 mg of melatonin per gummy to help promote a restful night’s sleep
  • CBD Potency: 30 mg per gummy bear
  • Count: 30 gummies per bottle
  • $0.07 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Low

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic glucose syrup (wheat)
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Melatonin
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavors
  • Wheat starch

5. cbdMD Premium CBD Gummies — $59.99

cbdMD Premium CBD Gummies are made by infusing CBD into each gummy, instead of coating them, to ensure precise dosing. As broad-spectrum gummies, they include other cannabinoids like CBDV, CBG, and CBGA.

Also, the gummies contain many hemp terpenes such as B-caryophyllene, Guaiol, A-bisabolol, and Caryophyllene-oxide, and several others. Made from non-GMO hemp, these premium CBD oil gummies each have 25 mg of CBD. The bottle of 30 gummies has a combination of different flavors including strawberry, tropical, mixed berry, and orange.

cbdMD provides lots of safety and dosage information and suggests starting with 1 or 2 gummies to allow CBD to naturally build up in your body. Then, you can increase your intake as needed.

Product Highlights:

  • Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp is grown in the USA
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD (0% THC)
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested for cannabinoid levels, terpenes, and contaminants
  • Each bottle contains four delicious fruity flavors
  • CBD Potency: 10 mg or 25 mg per gummy bear
  • Count: 30 gummies per bottle  
  • $0.08 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Low

Key Ingredients:

  • Broad-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Organic tapioca syrup
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavors

6. Green Roads CBD Sourz Froggies — $15.75

These CBD Isolate gummies by Green Roads deliver 25 mg of CBD and a mouth-puckering sour flavor in each froggy. The Sourz Froggies are pharmacist-formulated by Green Roads President and Co-founder, Laura Baldwin.

Before hitting the shelves, they’re sent to third-party labs for quality assurance testing. Each package of froggy gummies has a QR code that takes you directly to these lab reports.

Product Highlights:

  • CBD Isolate Gummies with non-detectable levels of THC
  • Non-GMO hemp grown on farms in the USA
  • Proprietary formulations by pharmacists
  • Gets a full-panel of third-party laboratory tests
  • Free of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and other contaminants
  • Made using a C02 extraction method
  • CBD Potency: 25 mg or 50 mg per gummy bear
  • Count: 4 gummies per package  
  • $0.16 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Average

Key Ingredients:

  • Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol extract
  • Corn syrup & sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Natural flavors
  • Artificial flavors

7. FAB CBD Chews — $59.00

FAB CBD Chews come in a 4-ounce container filled with 30 gummies. All gummies are THC-free, gluten-free, vegan, and naturally flavored. These chews are sprayed with 25 mg of CBD Isolate. Since FAB CBD doesn’t use any dyes or additives, there could be slight variations in the color of the gummies.

If you purchase these chews on the Company’s website, you’ll find adequate directions for usage, storage, dosing, and safety information.

Product Highlights:

  • Hemp is grown on sustainable and organic farms in Colorado, USA
  • Derived from CBD Isolate (THC-free)
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp
  • Third-party lab tests on cannabinoid content, terpenes, and pesticides
  • Zero additives or dyes
  • CBD Potency: 25 mg per gummy
  • Count: 30 gummies per container  
  • $0.08 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Low

Key Ingredients:

  • Hemp Extract CBD Isolate
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavors & colors

8. Infinite CBD Asteroids CBD Isolate Sour Gummies — $21.00

The 10-pack of Infinite CBD gummy stars are packed with 25 mg of pure CBD Isolate. These gummies are formulated with plant-based ingredients making them perfect for gluten-free and vegan diets. Every pack includes an assortment of sour flavors, including grape, peach, watermelon, blue raspberry, and strawberry.

At this price point, you’re getting great value compared to comparable CBD gummy products. Since each gummy has a high potency, you can cut them in half or into smaller pieces if needed.

Product Highlights:

  • Derived from CBD Isolate (No THC)
  • Gluten-free and Vegan ingredients  
  • Hemp is sourced from sustainable farms in Colorado, USA
  • Five mouth-watering and tangy flavors in each pack
  • The company provides lots of educational content about CBD on its blog
  • No artificial flavors
  • CBD Potency: 25 mg per gummy star
  • Count: 5, 10, or 20 gummies per package  
  • $0.08 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Low

Key Ingredients:

  • CBD Isolate
  • Pectin
  • Light corn syrup & sugar
  • Natural flavoring

9. Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies — $59.99

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies boast great value at a price that’s budget-friendly. They’re made with a proprietary blend of passiflora, skullcap, and l-theanine — natural ingredients that target stress and anxiety.

These CBD gummies for anxiety come in two potencies, 15 and 25 mg and many different quantities — ranging from 5 to 60 count bottles. Hemp Bombs also offers CBD gummies with melatonin to help you sleep soundly through the night.

Product Highlights:

  • CBD Isolate gummies with zero THC
  • Hemp is grown using sustainable practices on farms in the USA
  • Third-party lab tests show no pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents
  • Beneficial ingredients like passiflora, skullcap, and l-theanine.
  • Passiflora (Passion Flower) may boost GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels in the brain which can help lower anxiety levels. This flower could also increase focus or help you sleep better.
  • Scutellaria (Skullcap) has been used in traditional medicine to help relieve anxiety, depression, epileptic seizures, and more.
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps keep you calm and relaxed.
  • CBD Potency: 15 mg or 25 mg per gummy
  • Count: 5, 15, 30, or 60 gummies per pack or bottle  
  • $0.13 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Slightly below average

Key Ingredients:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
  • Sugar & corn syrup
  • Gelatin
  • Melatonin
  • Natural & artificial flavors
  • A proprietary blend of L-Theanine, Scutellaria, Passiflora

10. Highland Pharms CBD Gummies — $69.95

It’s not easy finding full-spectrum gummies. In fact, Highland Pharms CBD Gummies is the only full-spectrum product on our list. Based on the third-party lab reports these gummies have a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, and trace amounts of THC. So, if you’re looking for a hemp gummy that creates the ‘entourage effect’ these could work for you.  

These gummies are available in packs of 10 or 20 and include an assortment of fruit flavors. The potency of 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD per gummy is the same in both packs. Finally, Highland Pharms CBD Gummies are gluten-free and contain zero artificial flavors.  

Product Highlights:

  • Full-spectrum CBD gummies
  • Non-GMO hemp is grown using organic farming practices in Colorado, USA
  • Independent third-party laboratory testing
  • Assorted fruit flavors
  • Gluten-free
  • CBD Potency: 10 mg and 20 mg per gummy
  • Count: 20 gummies per container  
  • $0.17 per mg of CBD
  • Price: Slightly above the average price

Key Ingredients: 

  • Full-spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Organic glucose syrup (from wheat)
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavors & colors

In Summary

In this article, we discussed how to choose a CBD product and recommended our top 10 CBD gummies on the market. To recap, here’s a brief summary of what to look for in a reputable brand and product.  

  • Find a company that sources hemp in the USA, preferably using organic and sustainable farming practices  
  • Verify the company uses a clean and safe extraction method
  • Review the list of ingredients to make sure they comply with your dietary restrictions and lifestyle
  • Read over the third-party lab testing results
  • Make sure the bottle or package label includes specific safety and dosing information

Ready to get your hands on some CBD hemp gummies? Use my code “yoga” at checkout to save 5% off your Dr.Ganja order. We carry most of the gummies that made this list.

Thanks for reading! For more product reviews and resources on CBD, check out the articles on our blog.

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