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CBD Not Working? 5 Potential Reasons Why? Dr.Ganja

CBD Not Working? 5 Potential Reasons Why

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CBD is supposed to be the miracle cure-all plant, right? I mean, it has reportedly
helped millions of people recover from illness, anxiety, and all sorts of
problems. So, shouldn’t it work? Well, it does work and that’s a personal
review from my own experience. CBD is an amazing plant that has helped millions
and it can help you, too! Yet, sometimes it may not feel that way. The good
news is that you’re not immune to CBD.

It actually is working for you, even when
you don’t think it is! It just might not be giving you the results you want in
a timely manner, which can be extremely frustrating. So, why isn’t CBD working
for you? Well, here are five potential reasons as to why that may be.

1. Incorrect CBD Dosage. Sometimes, we give
ourselves CBD in hopes that it is just going to zap our pain away. That’s
exactly what I began to do when I first discovered CBD. It was like my cure-all
answer I obsessed over. Yet, your body is unique to you, so you have to measure
out the right dosage for your specific body. Start out with a low dose
and increase it until you find the right amount. You may even want to check out
our CBD Forum to find more information.

2. Different CBD Brands. Just with the
dosage amount, you have to find what CBD brand is right for you! One product
may be my absolute favorite go-to product while another might be yours. Even
though they are different products, they are still both great products that are
beneficial. Luckily enough, here at Dr. Ganja, we only provide the highest
quality of oils, so you’ll only get the best products that are out there,
regardless of what you choose. Check out the various vetted CBD Brands that we carry. 

3. Timing. CBD is helpful, but it does take time. If you’re anything like myself, you’re probably impatient with
the healing process, especially if you have some sort of ailment. Be patient and take it step by step, day by day and give the CBD products a chance to work with you.

4. Biology and Physical Health. Some bodies
have higher levels of endocannabinoid in their body just due to their genetic
make-up. Crazy, right? Even as a female, I’m going to react more than a male
might, which is kind of beneficial for myself. Sorry to all the males out
there! Females are just more sensitive to CBD than males are.

5. Lifestyle and tolerance. Everything in
your life is going to affect how CBD reacts to you. I mean, even when you
change the way you eat, the plant will work differently. It’s insane! When I
switched my diet to all – raw, the plant became crazy potent for myself. It was
like I was given a brand new body for the plant to work on. So, pay attention
to your lifestyle! It matters. Even try switching up some of the amazing products that we sell here at Dr.Ganja. If you’ve been using oils, maybe try
an edible because it might just make that huge difference that you’re looking for! 

The truth is that Dr.Ganja and CBD is only there to help you, so
don’t beat yourself up if it’s not working because it probably is! 

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