7 Amazing Benefits of CBD Lotion


Want to know a secret? CBD-infused lotions are taking the skincare industry by storm and there’s no slowing down. When CBD oil became all the craze a few years ago, many companies explored the advantages of adding CBD oil to a lotion to create CBD hemp lotion. Genius, right?

You can apply hemp lotion to your body the same way you would with regular lotion. They’re best suited for large areas on your body but can also serve as a hand, neck, or foot cream. You have lots of flexibility here.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top seven CBD lotion benefits. Find out if it’s the missing piece in your skincare collection.

1. Provides localized relief to your discomfort

One of the biggest benefits of using hemp body lotion is its ability to go to work precisely where you want it to. For example, let’s say you have a lot of redness and dry skin on your legs. Go ahead and apply some CBD lotion there and rub it in completely. The therapeutic properties of the lotion will work only in that area.

In contrast, CBD oil or gummies can’t give you this type of localized relief. Ingesting CBD is more generalized. So, this is a huge asset that only hemp body lotions and other CBD topicals can provide. If you’re dealing with discomfort anywhere on your skin, including your face, neck, body, and feet, hemp oil lotion is your best bet over the other forms of CBD.

2. Formulated with botanical herbs 

All the best CBD lotions contain additional plant-based ingredients to boost the effects of CBD. It’s common for a list of ingredients to have seed oils, like coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, and sesame oil. 

Also, they usually contain things like cocoa butter, mango butter, aloe vera, and essential oils. Some common essential oils in these CBD topicals include ginger, chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and several others.  

These botanical ingredients make the lotion smell divine. And, perhaps more importantly, they also have healing properties for the skin. This is why essential oils for aromatherapy are so popular, they can improve someone’s state of well-being. The same is true when used in a topical, like a CBD body lotion. 

Lastly, we love seeing botanical herbs mixed with CBD because they enhance the cannabinoid’s beneficial properties.

3. Hydrates dry, cracked skin

No surprise here, right? Many people rely on lotions to keep their skin moisturized. Well, the motivation for using hemp lotion is no different. As we mentioned in benefit number two, companies use a diverse selection of seed oils and seed butter to provide nourishment to the skin. 

More specifically, for skin that becomes dry from the shower, swimming in the pool, or from a skin condition. 

When you apply CBD lotion to your skin you’re helping to rehydrate it and reduce any cracking, so you can have skin that looks and feels great. 

4. Quick absorption & fast-acting

Once a CBD oil lotion gets massaged into the skin it enters the bloodstream. This is why the effects of CBD can be felt quickly. Once CBD reaches the bloodstream the body is able to register it and respond accordingly. So, if you’re applying CBD hemp lotion for pain, you may start to get relief within minutes. 

Of course, every single person is different. We all have unique body chemistry and varying levels of pain, ranging from acute to chronic. When we find the right product, with the right amount of CBD and the ideal combination of ingredients, then the relief could come quickly. 

We can’t make any promises, yet the sheer volume of anecdotal reports on the benefits of CBD lotion is astounding. Check them out for yourself.

5. To elevate a traditional massage

Is it safe to assume that people love great massages? If you want to enhance the experience and the outcome of a full body massage, use a CBD hemp lotion. Well, you wouldn’t use it, the massage therapist would. 

In fact, many spas and mobile massage companies use CBD massage lotion during the session. If you’re not sure whether a company offers this as part of its treatments, give them a call or bring your own hemp lotion with you.   
At this point in time, the FDA frowns upon anyone making statements about what CBD can or can’t do. Even in the context of a massage. So, rather than making any claims, we can suggest doing some research or reading this great article about CBD topicals.

6. Used in place of your regular lotion

You don’t have to keep your old lotion when you buy CBD lotion. Unless you want to, of course. The point is you don’t actually need both, because hemp lotion can give you all the benefits of your regular body lotion, plus more. 

Also, you have many choices when it comes to buying hemp lotion. For instance, companies make CBD lotion for pain, CBD massage lotion, like we mentioned earlier, or CBD hand and foot lotions.  

Additionally, you could find a product that caters to different skin types like dry, sensitive, and oily skin.   

7. CBD lotion gives your largest organ some love

With skincare being such a hot industry, you may already be aware of this fact— our skin is the largest organ. Is it hard to image your skin as an organ? It was for me too. 

Our skin is like a barrier that shields and protects our internal organs and everything else inside our bodies. On the same token, what we put on our skin can be helpful or harmful. So, it’s important to use discretion with the skincare products you buy.

One way to keep our skin radiant, moisturized, and in tip-top shape is to use a high-quality, chemical-free, organic hemp oil lotion. It can offer your skin the type of love it deserves!   
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