Cashmere Kitty Hemp Strain Review

Cashmere Kitty Hemp Strain Review

This strain is one cool cannabis cat! There are clusters of hemp cannabinoids in each and every bud of this fantastic flower!

Why do users enjoy smoking or vaping CBD leaf? Because they get relaxation and pain relief without a buzz. There’s less than 0.3% delta-9 THC in the source pants harvested. That makes it largely legal in most places.

So, no worries about ordering and enjoying this seriously good and beneficial bud. Check with your local laws to be sure, though.

What’s so special about Cashmere Kitty?

It is somewhat stimulating for hemp. Not caffeinating like a sativa but produces more of an awake state of mellowness. That’s a difference that means a lot if you want to dose throughout the day.

Not only that, but it has fantastic flavor! Inhaling the fumes is like walking through a pine forest!

There’s a lot to love! Let’s take a closer look at this luxuriant leaf. So, here’s the skinny on Cashmere Kitty!

Cashmere Kitty Hemp Strain: Product Specifications

  • Genetics: crossbred from Cat’s Meow and Alpen Gleaux.
  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • CBDA 18.6239%
    • CBD 1.3314%
    • CBCA .5603%
    • CBGA .4506%
    • CBC .1102%
    • CBG .1055%
    • CBDVA .0794%
    • D9-THC .1673%
    • THCA .5935%
  • Total Measured Cannabinoids 19.5243%
  • Top 3 Terpenes:
    • β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene
  • Terpene Profile:
    • β-Myrcene .3617%
    • β-Caryophyllene .1825%
    • Terpinolene .1460%
    • δ-Limonene .0892%
    • α-Bisabolol .0734
    • α-Humulene .0660
    • Ocimene .0372%
    • trans-Nerolidol .0370%
    • Guaiol .0287%
    • Linalool .0274%
    • α-Pinene .0205%
    • β-Pinene .0201%
    • δ-3-Carene .0122%
    • Caryophyllene Oxide .0086%
    • α-Terpinene .0063%
    • γ-Terpinene .0044%
    • Isopulegol .0039%
    • Geraniol .0024%
    • Camphene .0024%
  • Total Measured Terpenes 1.1300%

All source plants are lab-tested to ensure there are no pesticides. There are also no microbials, no mycotoxins, and no heavy metals.

Appearance, Labeling, and First Impressions

The hemp flower arrived in a solid-looking square cardboard box. I sliced it open and emptied out the foam packing peanuts.

Suspended safely in the middle of the carton was the plastic sleeve with the cannabis inside. I pulled that out and looked it over, front and back.

The packet was black on both sides. There was a clear plastic window on the front through which you could see the nice nugs.

In front, the Dr. Ganja logo is displayed in large print, right at the very top. Text notes that the source plants are ‘nurtured and grown in the USA’. Further, there is an assurance that the cannabis ‘contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less’. So, users get benefits without a buzz.

The labeling says that all hemp is lab-tested to ensure there are no pesticides. There are also no microbials, no mycotoxins, and no heavy metals. That’s reassuring.

I flipped it over, and the name of the strain was clearly shown on the reverse side. A label also lists some of the cannabinoid and terpene content. Elsewhere, it displays the manufacturer’s contact information and web page address.

The backside text also gives the cannabis content’s weight as 7 grams.

The top of the cannabis container tears off easily. It’s resealable, so you can smoke some now and save the rest for later.

I detected a very piney aroma as I opened the bag. It was strong, like an evergreen tree smells.

The buds are small and in clusters. They are green with flecks of yellow and red. When you break one open, it is a little sticky inside.

I was looking forward to seeing how it tasted and what the effects were.

Smell and Taste

I quickly hand-shredded a couple of small nugs. Some sticky residue stays on your fingers, but not too badly.

When I fired up the bong, I immediately noticed a pine tree smell with some citrusy fragrance mixed in. It smelled very sweet.

That evergreen forest aroma that I noticed when I opened the pouch was even stronger when the hemp was lit. As I puffed away, the resulting haze hung in the air. It took a while for the pine tree scent to dissipate after I was done.

It was a flavorful bowl. The lemony zest stood out. The aftertaste was sweet and sour, like lemon drop candies. There was some earthiness mixed in there, too.

It’s a smooth smoke. I found it very enjoyable.

So, how did I feel after a bowl?

Testing Process and Experience

It takes a few minutes for the effects to really kick in. There’s a slight immediate effect, with some relaxation starting right away. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to really reach full effect.

Though calming, it wasn’t sedating. I didn’t feel dopey. I still had a good amount of energy.

As a chronic pain sufferer, one reason I like to dose with hemp is for relief. This strain gave a good amount of that. My lower back pain dialed down to a barely noticeable background level.

After about an hour, the relaxation settled in and I did feel a bit sleepy.

All things considered, I think that Cashmere Kitty is good for all-day usage. It’s not tranquilizing and even has an initial energy boost. But, after some time passes, it does relax you sufficiently that you could sleep if you wanted to.

This works well in the morning with coffee. And I wouldn’t hesitate to take some an hour or so before bedtime.

I have tried this strain at various times of the day. Personally, I prefer dosing with Cashmere Kitty in the evening so that I feel mellow as I get ready for bed.

Final Verdict

So, what have we learned?

This hemp is a bit sticky with small buds. It is green with reddish specks.

Before it is toked, it has an evergreen bouquet. That piney smell increases when you put fire to the leaf. And it produces an atmosphere like walking through northern woods.

The effects are mild to start, even energizing. But the chill feeling starts quickly and builds over time.

You can smoke this in the morning with some java. It works well in the evening before bed, too.

I dose with hemp for pain relief and relaxation. This is great hemp for both of those.If you are seeking a CBD flower that has mild effects and great taste, consider this kitty. It starts frisky, but then will have you curling up for a catnap.


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