Cherry Crème Brulee Hemp Strain Review

Cherry Creme Brulee Hemp Strain Review

Who doesn’t love dessert? This cannabis strain is deliciously sweet tasting. So, if you like full-bodied flavor with your benefits, then this bud can’t be beaten.

Maybe you haven’t tried hemp flower before. Well, dosing with this variety might surprise you.

CBD strains don’t get you high, but they can be effective in dealing with stress and pain. And the relaxation that you feel can last for hours.

This variety packs less than 0.3% delta-9 THC in every nug. So, it should be legal to purchase and use just about everywhere.

I like big buds and I cannot lie – these are glorious! Full and fluffy, they are a gorgeous green!

That’s a quick sketch of this cannabis confection, let’s look a little closer.

Cherry Crème Brulee Hemp Strain: Product Specifications

  • Genetics: Crossbred between Berry Blossom and Dream Tonic
  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • CBDA 16.8649%
    • CBD .8564%
    • CBCA 2.4074%
    • CBC .2323%
    • CBGA .1878%
    • CBG .0658%
    • D9-THC .0855%
    • THCA .5239%
  • Total Measured Cannabinoids 18.7658%
  • Top 3 Terpenes:
    • β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Humulene
  • Terpene Profile:
    • β-Myrcene .4130%
    • β-Caryophyllene .1874%
    • α-Humulene .0771%
    • δ-Limonene .0657%
    • trans-Nerolidol .0354%
    • α-Bisabolol .0306%
    • Caryophyllene Oxide .0113%
    • Linalool .0093%
    • α-Pinene .0084%
    • β-Pinene .0079%
    • Terpinolene .0078%
    • Isopulegol .0029%
    • Camphene <LOQ
    • Ocimene .0013%
    • Eucalyptol <LOQ
    • Geraniol <LOQ
  • Total Measured Terpenes .8581%

All source plants are lab-tested to ensure there are no pesticides. There are also no microbials, no mycotoxins, and no heavy metals.

Appearance, Labeling, and First Impressions

When this hemp arrived, it was well-packed in a sturdy cardboard box. It was nested in with a bunch of Styrofoam packing peanuts.

I pulled the packet of cannabis out of the box. I was first impressed by the resealable container. How handy is that? Unless you’re going to smoke it all up at once, airtight storage is essential. Exposure to air can let the leaf get moldy or lose flavor.

The front and back of the pack are black. Inside is a silvery backing. And there is a window in front that showcases these fluffy nugs nicely. Above that is the Dr. Ganja logo in bright green.

There’s not too much else on the front side. There is a statement indicating that the hemp has ‘0.3% delta-9 THC or less’. And it tells you that the cannabis crop these buds came from was ‘nurtured and grown in the USA’.

Finally, it asks ‘What’s In Your Bud?’. It assures that it’s been lab-tested for cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, and more.

The reverse side states the name of the strain. The back text also has a list of cannabinoids and terpenes in the herb.

Manufacturer contact information is listed, online and off. You see the phone number and website address.

The weight of the cannabis in grams is listed. So, 7 grams for this envelope.

Okay, it was time to rip the top of the pouch. It tears open easily.

The aroma from the bag was sweetness with a hint of pine.

I reached in and pulled out a nice-sized nugget. It was dense and green. Breaking off a piece, my fingers felt a little sticky.

There are lots of frosty trichomes coating these fragrant flowers. Plus, it is covered with light green and reddish hairs.

When you grind it up, you end up with a lot of kief. Save that kief! There are plenty of cannabinoids in it. If you sprinkle kief over your bowl when you smoke it, it increases the potency of your puffs.

Speaking of puffs, it was time to spark it up and see how this sweet herb smoked.

Smell and Taste

Sparking my bong bowl, I inhaled some and held it in my mouth to savor it a moment. The flavor was intensely sweet, like a dessert. There was also a bit of fresh pine and diesel to the taste.

The smoke from the burning bud was strong but not acrid or skunky. There was more of the evergreen essence in the air and more than a hint of lemon. It did take a few hours to dissipate completely after my first bowl.

Even after subsequent puffs, the taste and smell stayed strong. There was no dulling of the flavor or aroma.

Overall, it was an enjoyable sesh.

Now I was curious about what effects I would notice.

Testing Process and Experience

Immediately there was only slight relaxation of pain relief. It takes several minutes for the benefits to truly begin.

Within a half-hour of my first bowl, I definitely felt good relief. I felt relaxed and stress-free.

I tried some with my wife. She has found that this hemp can help with her multiple sclerosis. She has less muscle stiffness. Thus, she can move freely and without soreness.

I know it really dials down the pain from my osteoarthritis and chronic back pain.

I’d say this is a strain that’s better in the evening. It is very relaxing. However, on a stressful day, a small dose just might calm your nerves.

Once the relief kicked in, it seemed to last a few hours. When the benefits did wear off, there were no groggy after-effects. I just felt chill.

And when I turned in for bed a few hours later, I had a great night’s sleep!

So, if you seek a mellow smoke, look no further.

Let’s reflect on everything we’ve learned about this outstanding strain for a moment.

Final Verdict

This hemp is like sugar. A sweet, tasty treat that has zero calories!

The flavor is a mix of fruity, piney, and some earthy diesel. The aroma is like being in an evergreen forest next to a citrus orchard.

The nugs are big and beautifully green. They are a little sticky when you break them apart.

This cannabis variety has a lot going for it. Not only is it delicious, but it does have powerful benefits. While not overly sedating, it does give great relaxation. Plus, it provides stress and pain relief.

The effects kick in within minutes and can last for hours.If you like mellowness and need some sweet relief, this may be just the flower for you!

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