Remedies, Life, and Moments with Dr.Ganja’s CBD


How do you start your day? Are you a morning or night person? Or a combination of both?

My fun and simple list of CBD daily products are listed below, no matter what time of day. 

What I start my day with, CBD gummies

Every morning, I like to start with some CBD gummies that help me have the pickup that I really need with energy and a better mood. The CBDfx CBD gummy bears with hemp, turmeric and spirulina are my go-to, especially when I’m tired, which is quite often. I’m kind of a health nut and very picky, and these are great because there are no artificial flavors or colors.

I like CBDfx products because the Hemp and sugar are organic and easily vetted. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD. Some days I take 2 gummies before breakfast depending on how I feel, and more or less on others. I recommend taking one gummy at a time to see how they affect you.

For an afternoon boost, CBD oil

At lunch time, I use the Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolate Tincture because I want to generally feel good all over. All of Lazarus Naturals products are grown on their own farms. I usually put one dropper full of the oil under my tongue and try to wait at least 30 seconds before I swallow the oil. I like this oil because it’s flavorless and easy to use, and it can be added to anything.

Personally, I like using this oil and then drinking something after. I would suggest starting with one or two drops under your tongue, because the effects are absorbed faster than edibles, and see how it affects you. Each dropper of CBD has 50mg and the bottle has 1500mg of CBD Isolate. It has no THC, which I prefer because I don’t react well to it. 

My personal favorite, any time of day, Vaping CBD

I personally love vaping because the effects are absorbed within minutes. The Secret Nature CBD distillate live resin vape cartridge(s) are very potent with Full Spectrum CBD. A little goes a long way, and I usually use up one cartridge in a week, but because these are such a heavy oil and concentrated, I can use a cartridge in about 2 weeks.

A daily staple that helps me throughout the day and I highly recommend is the Secret Nature Gelato Vape Cartridge, with 436mg of CBD. It really helps to mellow out and balance me, with both mind and body effects within minutes. I would start slow with small hits, to see effects and then choose what is best for you.

Another vape cartridge that is a must have for sleep is the CBD for the People Uncut Granddaddy Purple Wax Cartridge, because it has very potent Indica dominant terpenes that absorb quickly and help me fall and stay asleep. These terpenes help my mood too, and I really like how relaxed my mind is and how it helps me to get deep sleep. 

It has an impressive 650mg of Full-Spectrum CBD, and I definitely suggest starting out with a small puff to start. This cartridge is uncut, meaning it doesn’t have additives or any cutting agents. Nor do they use additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

This is important to me because I prefer cleaner oil and products.

At night time, Topical CBD

For extra painful days, I use the Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Balm Relief and Recovery  for my arthritis and neck pain. It has an incredible blend of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD extract with capsaicin and menthol, which help soothe my skin and feel relief faster than taking oil.

I use a small amount on my knees and neck and it generally helps the pain to lessen, so I’m able to relax and focus on what I enjoy doing instead of being limited. I usually wait for the balm to absorb before using more. This balm won’t hinder you or make your skin greasy. Each .7oz container of balm contains 1000mg of CBD.

We hope this helps, and that you can relate and enjoy your moments throughout the day with our CBD products. Questions and Feedback are always welcome.

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