Strawberry Cake Hemp Strain Review

Strawberry Cake Hemp Strain Review

If you like your hemp sweet, then you’ll find this one a treat! Do you enjoy great flavor with strong benefits? Then you may want to smoke Strawberry Cake forever.

And the fragrance is fabulously fruity!

Plus, this is a well-balanced hybrid strain. That means it doesn’t couch-lock you after puffing away. Yes, you can indulge before bed, but you can also have a little throughout the day.

Another nice thing about this cannabis is it can be taken legally without a card or prescription. Though some local jurisdictions may restrict use, generally hemp dosing is not limited.

There’s a lot to recommend this variety. We’ll break down what makes this berry blast so enjoyable and beneficial.

Strawberry Cake Hemp Strain: Product Specifications

  • Genetics: Strawberry Cough
  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • CBDA 16.3281%
    • CBCA .6996%
    • CBD .6288%
    • CBGA .2115%
    • CBG .0665%
    • CBDVA .0497%
    • D9-THC ND
    • THCA .6134%
  • Total Measured Cannabinoids 18.5976%
  • Top 3 Terpenes:
    • β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Pinene
  • Terpene Profile:
    • β-Myrcene .5423%
    • β-Caryophyllene .0787%
    • α-Pinene .0770%
    • δ-Limonene .0545%
    • Guaiol .0437%
    • β-Pinene .0315%
    • α-Humulene .0237%
    • α-Bisabolol .0168%
    • trans-Nerolidol .0101%
    • Caryophyllene Oxide .0081%
    • Terpinolene .0041%
    • Isopulegol .0038%
    • Camphene .0028%
    • Geraniol <LOQ
  • Total Measured Terpenes .9469%

All source plants are lab-tested to ensure there are no pesticides. There are also no microbials, no mycotoxins, and no heavy metals.

Appearance, Labeling, and First Impressions

I was pleased to pull out a resealable bag from the packing peanuts. That way I can smoke some now and save some for later. And it should stay fresh for a long time in an air-tight envelope.

Plus, there is a little humidity controller packet inside. It keeps the moisture perfectly balanced for the best cannabinoids and terpenes.

I set aside the sturdy mailing box and packing. I looked over the hemp bag.

It was mostly black. The front side had a window in the middle through which you can see the nugs. They looked nice and green against the silvery backing inside.

There was also a bright green Dr.Ganja logo across the top of the pouch’s front. And some brief info about the package content. It states that the cannabis is ‘CBD Hemp Flower’! Further, it says there’s ‘0.3% delta-9 THC or less’.

Then at the bottom, it asks, ‘What’s in your bud?’. It lists the good things that are in the herb like cannabinoids and terpenes. And it mentions things screened out like pesticides.

The reverse side features the name of the strain. There’s a phone number and web address for the manufacturer. There’s a paragraph with some disclaimers and cautions, such as ‘keep out of reach of children’. And there’s a list of some of the lab-tested contents and the weight – 7g.

The resealable bag has good info, on either side. It’s worth taking a moment to read it.

Now, what about the hemp?

Reaching in and taking out a bud, I notice a strong fruity smell with a hint of diesel.

The flower itself was good-sized. Not the biggest buds I’d seen, but worthy of notice. The nug was spongy. It was dark green with colorful striations. And it shimmered in the light with frosty trichomes.

I snapped off a bit and felt stickiness. I hand-shredded some for the first try.

After, I could use a hand grinder. I suspected it’d be gummy to grind at first until it was shredded some.

Once I had a decent bowl’s worth, I fetched my handy bong for a test flight.

Smell and Taste

I put flame to bud to give this strain a try.

The oiliness of the hemp made the shredded cannabis become a candle. The flame remained after I extinguished the lighter. Because it was so fresh, it didn’t burn quickly.

It was a smooth smoke, not harsh at all.

The flavor was like a sweet strawberry with a hint of diesel sourness. Each puff was succulent. There were no diminishing returns.

And the aroma was distinctly strawberry with some pine in the mix. It got intense as I smoked the bowl because the sticky goodness burns long. And it nicely danked up our apartment for a while. There was a wreath of this strain’s evergreen bouquet. The sweet and sour strawberry scent underlay the forest smell.

Thus far, this cannabis tasted great and had a fantastic fragrance. But how did it affect me?

Testing Process and Experience

If you want nearly instant results, then tincture is the way to go. A drop under your tongue and it takes mere minutes to experience relief. This was not that.

However, even with leaf, I have found that you did get minor benefits within a few minutes. Otherwise, it can take fifteen to twenty minutes to reach full strength.

Once the pain and stress do decrease, the relaxation lasts for hours. I did my trial of this bud in the early evening. My chronic back pain faded into the background and stayed low-key for the rest of the night.

Also, it helped my wife a great deal. She has multiple sclerosis and is recovering from a long hospital stay. A bowl of the bud reduced the pain and stiffness in her muscles.

Now, this isn’t a strain that will knock you out. It’s only slightly sedating. So, you can take some during the day and feel relaxed, but not overly sleepy. That said, I generally dose with hemp at night because it does help you get a good night’s sleep.

Suffice to say, I was very pleased with how this hemp made me feel.

Final Verdict

If flavor is your thing, then you will like this flower! It has a terrific taste! The sour yet sweet flavor is punctuated with some diesel aftertaste.

The bouquet is beautifully piney with fruity overtones. It will perfume your place with an agreeable dankness.

But dosing with hemp is also about results and this strain has that in spades! It is relaxing without putting you under. Yet, if you take it before bed, it will help you get a good night’s rest. If you do take it during the day, you’ll likely be able to stay active.

The pain and stress relief it provides is potent! Further, the effects will linger for several hours.

Bottom line, opting to try this bud did not disappoint! Strawberry Cake is a dessert strain that can be experienced throughout the day. It’s a balanced bud with a lot to offer those who like their cannabis strong and sweet!

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