Extract Labs CBD Crumble Blue Dream Review


People deal with a lot of stress and pain on occasion. Sometimes you need an intense CBD infusion. I know there are days when I do! I am a caregiver for my wife with multiple sclerosis and have acute back pain myself. We both have used CBD for years now. She and I find cannabis effective in treating discomfort and distress.

I decided to try a concentrated dose of cannabidiol. Extract Labs’ Blue Dream Crumble has 800mg of CBD. That seemed like a good potency and I like Blue Dream cannabis. Blue Dream is a hybrid weed strain that leans slightly sativa. That gives an energizing boost along with some soothing effects.

Extract Labs I was familiar with as a recognizable, quality CBD brand. So I decided to give it a whirl.

As with my previous experience, the Blue Dream CBD crumble did not disappoint! Extract Labs’ terpene infused product performed as promised.

Let’s look at both the company and their phenomenal concentrate.

Who is Extract Labs?

Extract Labs is an American hemp company. They keep expenses down by doing all their own production. The company passes the savings on to their customers. Quality and affordability is their goal.

The founder launched his company to help those suffering from PTSD and pain issues. They were leery of big pharma and the side effects of common prescription meds. Extract Labs sees CBD and cannabis as safer alternatives. Because of their convictions, they put a lot of heart and soul into their products.

The company wants consumers to have options for CBD dosing. So they offer a wide variety of wares. Their inventory includes CBD hemp oil and capsules. They sell tincture and vape cartridges. And one of their specialties is CBD concentrates like Blue Dream.

So you have a high quality product from a highly reputable company. Now what about the specifics of the cannabidiol crumble?

Extract Labs CBD Crumble Blue Dream: product specifications

  • Product size: 1 gram of crumble
  • Potency: 800mg CBD plus major cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Suggested use: dabbing or smoking in a pipe or bong.
  • Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD crumble infused with plant-derived terpenes
  • THC Level: THCA – .19%, Delta 9 THC – .09%

Appearance, labeling and first impressions

The Blue Dream CBD Crumble comes in a little screw-top jar. The lid of the cylindrical container is white plastic. The body is thick glass. It is small and easily fits into the palm of your hand. The solid glass body gives it some weight, but it’s not too heavy.

There’s nothing on the side of the container. The corrugated top gives you a better grip when turning it. The side of the glass bottom is clear. You can see the honey-colored product inside through the side.

There is a blue and white label covering the topside of the lid. Extract Labs’ name arches across the upper section. Their logo is directly below that. The logo looks like an American flag with a droplet in the top left corner. Then it states that the product is Blue Dream. And the label indicates that the contents are ‘terpene infused’. Also on the top label is the potency of the product’s CBD – 800mg.

Lastly, there is the word ‘crumble’. This differentiates the concentrate from shatter, which is harder and brittle. Crumble gets whipped, thus infused with air. The addition of air makes crumble softer than shatter.

Another blue and white sticker covers the bottom. Though the bottom is small, there’s a lot of information there.

First there is circle with a long number in it. It’s a batch number for the CBD’s source hemp. There was also a QR-code below the words ‘terpene infused’. When scanned with a smart phone it opens a link. The link is the batch testing results online. So you can check out the quality of the product before you vape or smoke it.

Beside the QR-code is Extract Labs’ web address. Below that is their physical mailing address. And then there’s the company’s telephone number.

There’ some other information noted on the bottom label. It notes that the CBD crumble uses ‘all natural ingredients’. For those interested, the ingredients of the wax are kosher. Lastly, there is a caution that the product hasn’t gone through evaluation by the FDA. And that they can’t promise to ‘diagnose, treat or cure any disease’.

That’s about it for package labeling.

The container’s top fits snugly, yet unscrews easily. Inside of the clear glass bottom sits the golden crumble.

Smell and taste

I hadn’t tried vaping CBD crumble before. However, I was familiar with marijuana concentrates. I have a vape pen with a dab nail attachment. So, I took a tweezers and pinched a bit of the soft crumble. Next I loaded it on my dab nail, attached the clear globe and thumbed the power button.

The soft wax of the Blue Dream has a sweet, citrusy smell. When it’s vaporized, it’s even more so. Burning this cannabis concentrate produces a thick, aromatic cloud.

The flavor is strongly fruity. It’s sweet with a little tartness. More like a lime than a lemon. And the taste is from the terpenes that infuse the crumble. Limonene is the specific terpene that gives it its fruitiness.

Now the aftertaste was a little more on the sour side. More like a lemon than a lime. A bit opposite of the initial flavor impression.

I must say I really liked the taste and aroma!

The effects were nice too!

Testing process and experience

Concentrated cannabis appeals to users because the effects are stronger. Those that take CBD for pain relief get far more respite. Similarly, those who use it to dial down stress feel much more relaxed.

A few people may get overwhelmed by the potency. With concentrates, it’s best to start small and go slow. That way you can see how well you tolerate them.

Dealing with chronic back pain can be debilitating physically and mentally. But I have found dosing with CBD to very helpful. Blue Dream strain is ideal for body and mind effects. This cannabis and terpene crumble soothes aches and pains. It also relaxes the mind without doping you. The concentrate is actually rather stimulating.

So, I took my initial vape pen dab. I enjoyed the taste. After, I only waited a few minutes before feeling relief and relaxation. There’s some immediate reaction as some of the contents get absorbed through the mouth. That was nice. But the effects build over about ten to fifteen minutes. In that time I increasingly felt soothed and relaxed. That is some potent medicine!

I’d say the benefits lasted about 2 hours. Then, after another quick session with some crumble in my vape pen, I was soon better again. This is a great CBD concentrate to use throughout the day. Because it is stimulating, I would leave off hitting it a few hours before bed.

Final Verdict

Anyone seeking a tasty and potent product to help them with pain and stress will like this. It comes in a solid, clear glass container with a white plastic lid. There’s all kinds of useful information on the top and bottom labels. Extract Labs’ CBD crumble with terpenes has a great, fruity taste when vaped. It produces some thick clouds when exhaled. The effects are strong and last long. You could use it to feel good, but without psychoactive effects. You can also use it to deal with pain and stress. I recommend you give it a try for yourself.

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  1. Posted by jo92 on October 9, 2020

    Thank you for these detailed reviews David!
    Blue Dream cannabis is one of my favourite strains to smoke when I need to wind down after work, yet want to feel perky and productive.

    Will definitely pick up this Blue Dream in CBD form next time. 😀

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