Dr.Ganja’s THCA Diamonds: A Potent Hemp Concentrate


    In this article, we will be examining the illustrious THCA diamond by uncovering all the essential details about this potent concentrate. Starting with a quick rehash on what is THCA exactly, along with what and how diamonds are made. But most importantly we will give you details on the various ways to use them and the possible effects. Plus, we will engage in the discussion of isolate vs diamonds and how to choose which is best for you. And finally, we examine how hemp diamonds are federally legal and why you should add THCA diamonds to your hemp collection.

    What Is THCA Exactly?

    Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCA, is a naturally occuring phytocannabinoid found in hemp or cannabis plants. And so as the flower undergoes its growth process, cannabinoid compounds also go through their own stages of development. When cannabinoids begin forming, they appear in an acidic form. For example, CBDA and THCA are primary cannabinoids that form through the oxidation of the mother of all cannabinoids, CBGA. The structure of cannabinoid acids such as THCA can be understood as simply forms of non-mature cannabinoids. And as the plant grows and continues to mature, so do the cannabinoids. Once the acidic cannabinoids have fully undergone the process of decarboxylation, they reach full maturity. And what does reaching full maturity really mean for cannabinoids?

    To answer the above question, it must be known that THCA is considered a carboxylic acid compound. It consists of a carboxyl group that appears at the end of its molecular structure. Eventually the compound loses its carboxyl group and becomes a non-acidic form of the delta 9 THC compound. Again, this transformation is known as decarboxylation, which can occur naturally through oxidation or direct exposure to high heat. At this point it is poignant to note that THCA in its raw form does not offer any psychoactive effects. But since hemp is customarily smoked, vaped or heated in some fashion, THCA diamond concentrate ultimately transforms into THC. And essentially can evoke the sensations of psychoactive effects most generally associated with potent cannabis flower or concentrates.

    At the present time, scientists are conducting an expanding amount of research on the possible health benefits THCA may provide. Isolate cannabinoids and cannabinoids used in conjunction have shown to provide several benefits to animals and humans. Such as this study, conducted in 2020, that evaluates whether certain doses of CBDA and THCA can work to minimize nausea. Studies like the one mentioned above are incredibly encouraging for the improvement in anti-emetic regimens for those undergoing chemotherapy. In addition, many studies are testing the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic pain, receptor interactions and long term safety. Afterall, it really is about time for cannabinoid use to become normalized in daily preventative health care or for specific treatments.

    What Is THCA Diamonds?

    THCA diamonds are a form of hemp or cannabis concentrate that have the appearance resembling precious gems from the Earth. Diamond mining is a term used to refer to the practice of isolating THCA into forms resembling crystals or quartz. When it comes to any hemp diamonds, clearer is better for the ultimate offering of purity and extreme potency. The purest and most concentrated diamonds will appear very white or almost clear. So if there are slight yellowish colorations on your diamonds this may indicate two things. One, that there may be some other cannabinoids in the batch. And or two, there may be a variety of terpenes still remaining as well. Though this is perfectly normal and beneficial for an entourage effect.

    THCA Diamond Discovery

    Hemp enthusiasts have been actively pursuing the best way to create concentrates for millennia. It all began with making hashish or hash oil and the demand for highly potent concentrates has consistently risen ever since. For this reason, folks have been experimenting and creating new methods of extraction for thousands of years. Rumor has it that hemp THCA diamonds were actually an accidental creation made by scientists in the 1990’s testing extraction practices. In fact, they were testing for easier ways to separate cannabinoids from the plant matter to study their properties. They experimented with methods involving freezing and heating the extract. With this process they discovered that THC compounds will crystallize into crystal or diamond like formations.

    In the past, diamond concentrates were often more powdery than a solid clear gem form. In due time over the years, there have been increases in purity levels creating more solid crystal like formations. The product had yet to reach the level of perfection it has secured currently. And thanks to the genius of folks, we have some of the most highly potent hemp products ever made. Concentrates today are made with safer processes and are cleaner than ever before. For select groups who know how to use THCA diamonds, concentrates have become, in some cases, more popular than flower buds. It is interesting that cannabinoid crystals have been available for quite a few years, but have been relatively incognito. In effect, these concentrates were an industry-wide best kept secret until now thanks to the 2018 Hemp Bill.

    Then not too long ago, a company called Guild Extracts from California became famous for pioneering the use of molecular isolation. They’re THCA diamonds potency are consistently over 99% purity and their crystal formations continue to impress. Ever since the industry has given this remarkable cannabinoid a boost into prime time. And of course, the debate rages on as to who can produce the most potent, cleanest and most beautiful crystals in the industry. But we know that certainly Dr.Ganja is no doubt a leader in this regard. This leads us to another fascinating topic of this in depth discussion, exactly how are these crystals made?

    How Are THCA Diamonds Made?

    Most professional extractionists do not share their methods. But, there are a few common techniques in use throughout the industry to produce hemp THCA diamonds. One typical approach used for commercial production is referred to as short path distillation. This process basically separates cannabinoids and terpenes from each other, while also refining the cannabinoids for higher purity levels. Short path distillation is advantageous for three reasons. First, the temperatures set to separate the compounds can be quite lower than other methods. Secondly, reduction in temperature allows for a reduction in pressure, which works to maintain optimal compound preservation levels. And thirdly, the liquid solvent does not have to travel far before it condenses, which allows for the maximization of compound collection.

    For commercial production, the process of using a closed loop system can be fairly complex. But humans are unstoppable when it comes to innovation! Hemp concentrate enthusiasts have been able to create safe methods for mining their very own THCA diamonds at home. And while this may be true, we place emphasis on the fact that creating your own hemp crystals can be tough. It requires just a few key ingredients and products, but also, a ton of patience. On the positive side, it can be achieved and after a few attempts, the process may become effortless for you. Home methods start with plant material, a solvent, a mason jar, and the theory of supersaturation and precipitation.

    Supersaturation and precipitation provides us with the idea that warm solvents can hold more soluble content. Once temperatures begin to reduce, so does the pressure. As this takes place, diamond-like crystals will slowly begin to emerge. Within the two to four week process, accurate temperature ranges must be kept as the extract slowly separates itself. Some suggest using a vacuum chamber and a heating pad for the final crucial steps. But if a chemistry experiment just isn’t for you, buy THCA diamonds from Dr.Ganja. As a matter of fact, Dr.G’s diamond mining skills create the best hemp crystals on the market today! We’re talking top level purity, potency and affordability. Afterall, it is Dr.G’s ultimate mission to always give you the absolute best in hemp!

    How To Use THCA Diamonds?

    We now know about the THCa cannabinoid, what hemp derived diamonds are and how they’re made. So now is time for the fun stuff! As hemp diamond popularity and availability soar, everyone is incredibly eager to understand how to use THCA diamonds. And so decidedly, we’re going to break it all down for you right here. We will begin with a discussion of the various consumption methods for this hemp concentrate. Then we will move onto the possible effects and potential benefits offered by this amazing hemp product. Plus we will offer a few tips to ensure your experience with these beautiful crystals is always top notch.

    The Best Methods Of Consumption

    The best method is whatever method you decide you enjoy the most. Just remember that THCA diamonds potency after heating is no joke. So no matter the method of enjoying them, you should always hold in reverence the effectiveness of this concentrate.

    • The Dab Rig: Folks who are really into concentrates go for the dab. You definitely need all the essentials to have a great dab experience. This includes a dab rig, a dab tool, a torch and of course, buy THCA diamonds. The ideal temperature for dabbing this gorgeous concentrate is said to be anywhere starting from 315℉ to 450℉. Much higher temperatures have the tendency to create hot harsh vapor, which no one wants.
    • Vaporizer: In order to use a vaporizer to inhale THCa crystals, you will need a proper concentrate chamber. Adjustable and preheat settings are convenient for getting the most out of your vape sessions.
    • Smoke: And there is nothing like the good ol fashioned way of doing things. Smoking hemp concentrates can be just as satisfying. These crystals can be broken apart and crushed into powder. Sprinkle it onto CBD buds in a pipe, bong or roll into a blunt or a joint. The sky’s the limit with this.
    • Edible: These crystalline hemp gems can be useful to simply ingest on their own. In fact, they are the perfect way to include hemp into your daily wellness practices. Simply crush a small portion of a crystal and put it in your favorite beverage or food snack. It is also convenient to make your own THCa capsules, so you can enjoy the same dose each time. These beauties can also be dissolved in a carrier oil and/or infused into your food recipes.

    Dabbing and vaping are the most popular way folks are consuming diamonds these days. And because these beautiful crystals are such a pure concentrate of cannabinoids, they may not offer much flavor. Due to this, we suggest adding a bit of terp sauce to the mix. Terp sauce is an extract with high levels of amazing terpenes only. It will add an incredible amount of flavor, aromas and possible effects to your experience. The fact that terp sauce is incredibly potent, only a drop or two is necessary to add to your bowl. But, before dripping terps on your diamonds bowl, make sure there are no additional cannabinoids in your terp sauce. Otherwise you may be in for a much wilder ride than you bargained for.

    What Are The Benefits And Effects Of THCA?

    You now may be wondering what the possible effects of a THCA diamond are. The answer is that it is highly dependent on how you consume it. Afterall, THCA is the precursor to THC and requires heat to activate psychoactive properties. If you don’t heat THCA diamonds, you will not get high because THCA cannot attach to CB1 receptors in the brain. But like the study cited earlier, scientists are vigorously conducting studies to find the potential therapeutic benefits of THCA. Nausea relief is just one of its great potentialities for cancer patient care. Other possibilities include:

    • Pain relief
    • Appetite stimulation
    • Anxiety reduction
    • Inflammation reduction
    • Euphoria
    • Relaxation: physically and mentally
    • Insomnia relief
    • Mood boosts
    • Focus

    When you expose THCA diamonds to heat it results in attaching itself to the CB1 receptors in the brain. And when this happens, you receive a mighty generous transformative high that can be fairly long lasting. In addition to the high, it is still possible to gain from one or more of the potential benefits. If you are new to hemp concentrate, keep in mind that, even in small amounts, the high can be intense. Therefore, it is best to begin your journey with the littlest amounts possible. Afterall, when a little bit can go a long way, you will save money in the long run. Again bear in mind the following can or may occur if you overindulge:

    • Paranoia
    • Anxiety
    • Dry mouth
    • Confusion
    • Fatigue
    • Sleepiness

    Things To Consider

    Your hemp journey is meant to be enjoyable for the long term regardless of the methods of consumption. The higher the potency of your diamonds, such as Dr.Ganja’s Diamonds, requires great care and consideration of your tolerance level. Your well-being and safety are the top priority and so it is key to remember the following suggestions:

    1. Always use certifiably safe devices from trusted manufacturers. This is not the time to cheap out and save. Do yourself a kindness and invest in a respectable device. It will elevate your experience and help you to get the most out of your hemp products.
    2. “A little bit can go a long way” is what we in the industry like to throw around all the time. This is not a go big or go home type of scenario. If you’re not super familiar with hemp concentrates, the recommendation is to test out your body’s response. Increase your overall enjoyment by starting with very small amounts. In fact, to avoid any adverse reactions from these incredibly potent hemp products, you should always use smaller amounts. And the advantage to this is that you’ll always have a good time!
    3. Always store your THCA diamonds in a secure location that is cool, dark and dry. This will help to preserve freshness and reduce oxidation of the preciously potent cannabinoid.
    4. Always read labels or COA’s carefully. Have full understanding which cannabinoids and/or terpenes are involved, and what their potency percentages are. Take into consideration other psychoactive substances when using concentrate products together. And prior to mixing, seriously consider the collective effects that you may want to enjoy or completely avoid.

    Hemp Concentrate Size Up

    As we have found, progressive extraction methods are ever increasing. With more modern extraction methods, the innovation of new products such as hemp THCA diamonds and THCa isolate have risen in popularity. And luckily they are now more easily attainable. Both products can be derived from hemp and contain high levels of the THCa cannabinoid. But hemp enthusiasts are curious about the differences between these two concentrates and if one is better than the other. In this section of the article, we will dive into the similarities and differences of these two hemp derivatives.

    THCA Isolate Vs Diamonds

    THCA isolate is a crystalline-like substance made through a series of processes beginning with extraction. After extraction, the process of removing other compounds, non-essential plant matter and impurities begins. Thereafter the remaining product is a highly pure and potent isolate. THCA isolate is a great introduction to the inexperienced folks who desire isolated doses of THCa for their wellness practices. Especially when the goal is not getting high, but to achieve the possible therapeutic benefits it may offer through oral ingestion. However, the variety of ways one can consume this concentrate is considerable. Some people prefer to smoke or vaporize isolate for more immediate results, while others enjoy incorporating it into food recipes. Food recipes will offer a more gradual absorption of the cannabinoid.

    Comparatively, the process to create a beautiful THCa diamond begins in the same way as the process to make isolate, with extraction. Again, as we previously detailed earlier, the extract endures low temperatures and pressurization to encourage diamond growth. Plus, after the crystals develop, they undergo another round of purification to increase potency. This makes hemp crystalline one of the most incredibly pure and potent concentrates on the market today. However, it is best to remember that all diamonds are not created equal. So it is incredibly imperative to refer to the available COA’s prior to purchasing.

    In contrast, and as mentioned above, THCA isolate undergoes a process to completely eliminate all unnecessary parts of the plant. This means that other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and/or any other compounds except THCA are present in isolate powder. Whereas diamonds may still contain additional cannabinoids, terpenes or other compounds. Accordingly, these extra plant compounds will add to the milieu of possible effects we recognize as the entourage effect. For that reason, hemp diamonds may present quite a varying experience in comparison to THCA isolate.

    How Do I Choose Between THCA Isolate Vs Diamonds?

    Given the above information regarding the comparative differences between THCA isolate vs diamonds, you’re probably still wondering which is best for you. The answer is simple. If you don’t care for a variety of cannabinoids or have some kind of allergy to terpenes, go for the isolate. THCa isolate will grant you the satisfaction you’re looking for. It is still incredibly potent and versatile in consumption methods. But if you enjoy the idea of a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes for a more stratified effect, buy THCA diamonds. Either way, you simply cannot go wrong with both of these amazing hemp products. They both may be deserving of a spot in your collection of cannabinoid products and can be useful in an assortment of situations.

    The 2018 Farm Bill has given hemp and its many derivatives a boost into the limelight with one catch. Hemp flowers and all extracts are considered federally legal, so long as they comply with the limitation of THC content. So are THCA diamonds legal if they’re derived from hemp with no more than 0.3% THC? Basically the federal government set up guidelines for the hemp industry in the Farm Bill. But it’s the responsibility of each state to regulate sales in their territory as they see fit. And this is where things can get a bit hazy.

    At the present time the battle for legal recognition of hemp products is ongoing. Some states such as California, Washington or even New Jersey, embrace both medical and recreational hemp/cannabis. Unfortunately each state is different in the way they are deciding to govern the hemp industry and its products. These differences can be tough to decipher or to keep up with at times depending on where you live. But it really is important to keep up with and understand your local, state and federal laws. Staying up to date on this type of information before you purchase thca diamonds for sale will keep you in compliance. Afterall, the overall climate can shift quite quickly depending on who is interpreting the law.

    So Will THCA Hemp Diamonds Show On A Drug Screening?

    Yes. No matter if you use it raw or decarboxylate your diamonds, you will more than likely fail a drug screening. Some folks may argue that raw THCa will not show up in a screening. But, stay on the safe side and pause your intake if you are up for a drug test. There is no point in finding out the hard way.

    Why Should I Buy Hemp THCA Diamonds?

    As shown throughout this article, it will be beneficial to add this impressive concentrate to your repertoire for several reasons. Firstly, hemp is on a voyage towards normalization. It continues to prove its own legitimacy by helping so many people throughout the world. Secondly, its uses are plentiful for recreational, medicinal and industrial purposes. Thca diamonds for sale is the new advantage to living in this modern era. And the fact that it can serve such a wide variety of purposes automatically makes this product a must have. Why you should buy these wonderful crystals comes down to the following:

    1. Their high purity levels
    2. Their extremely high potency levels
    3. Less is more
    4. Save money
    5. Ease of use
    6. The variety of consumption options
    7. It is federally legal

    And with that, we hope you have a better understanding of this wonderful concentrate. Now if anyone ever asks, what is THCA diamonds, you surely will be able to give a thorough explanation. Trust us, you will blow everyone’s mind with this information! And for the best diamonds in the market, DrGanja.com is the place to go. All diamonds undergo tests from third party laboratories to ensure purity, potency and safety. We post all COA’s for your viewing pleasure and take pride in offering the best of the best in hemp. Our customers deserve the most outstanding products and we will never break from our promise to supply it. So put your order in today and find out for yourself the awesomeness of legal THCa hemp diamonds!

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