Hawaiian Haze Series II Hemp Flower Review

Hawaiian Haze Series II Hemp Flower Review

With our new 2019 batches in, we’re honoring our tradition of giving you the details and reviews on the latest and greatest strains here at Dr.Ganja. It seems a fitting time too, what with all the “what’s a good strain for this…” or “how’s this different from that?” questions we get so often. However, we’re going in reverse order here and reviewing our newest member to the 2019 family: Hawaiian Haze Series II!

What’s Hawaiian Haze?

For the uninitiated, Hawaiian Haze Series II is a strain that is the offspring of DC Haze, which are both the eventual result and progeny of the famous Haze strains that started way back in the 60s-70s in Santa Cruz, California. The name supposedly comes from the name of the breeders that began to cultivate this particular strain (Haze, not Hawaiian haze) and which formed and forms the backbone of a great majority of the available sativas today.

Hawaiian Haze, just like its parents, is a flower that is known to take some time to grow, so not only must growers be patient for their crop, but they must be experienced too. So why raise a strain that takes a long time to flower and optimally needs experienced growers when there’s plenty of cultivars out there that don’t have such standards? Because the growers know that with great patience, comes great reward.

It’s true, our original Hawaiian Haze available on Dr.Ganja is one of the most high-yielding CBD oil and cannabidiol-rich strains we carry, coming in at nearly 22% CBDA. So what does the Series II do differently to match an already stellar plant?

It’s all in the effects. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we should talk about each of this particular batch of Haze’s unique characteristics in their own right and in their proper order from viewing to consuming.


Opening up the double-wrapped (triple-wrapped really, if you count the shipping container) bagyields the first sight of her, mostly medium to large-sized nugs that have that overall “furry” look that is characteristic of good growth, these are the trichromes on the plant that manufacture the various cannabinoids that people know and love. There’s both stocky and short leaves, which are typical of indicas, and wispy, longer ones which are typical of sativas, hinting at Hawaiian’s potentially hybrid genetics.


When you first open up the mylar bags the initial smell that hits you is of gasoline. From the smell alone you can assume this is going to be strong. And it is.


Grinding it up, the aroma that comes through is almost overpowering. I roll about a 1/4g short and stout joint and light her up. The smell is very present, so users beware. I’m not getting much taste out of Series II but then again, I’m combusting and not vaporizing so I can’t expect much and to be honest, it doesn’t matter. In about five minutes, I’m seated comfortably and I couldn’t be happier.

Another five minutes and scratch that, my stomach is grumbling. However, I just put on some music and like many of the good strains we carry on the site, music is accentuated and almost feels… better. I come to the realization that I can pick out specific parts in songs easier. There’s accompanying guitar chords that I had never paid attention to in one of my favorite songs. Weird.

HH II is definitely a “creeper”, or a strain whose effect slowly washes over you until you suddenly recognize ‘oh yeah, I feel different.’ Luckily, Hawaiian’s creep is gentle and happy. I am more aware of the tension I’m holding in my upper back, but the feeling isn’t bothersome, just a more of an “I’m here, so be more careful” type of thing.

Ten minutes later and the idea to cook some Korean food hits me and I decide this will be a test of my current functionality. Can I successfully cook in this state?

Thirty minutes later and the answer is yes, but I don’t know whether if it’s from the threat of my stomach grumbling or otherwise. The food tastes like I’m trying food for the first time and it’s glorious. It seems at this dosage to be more on the sativa-side than indica and I’m officially a fan of Series II.

Consuming More

I want to see how Series II changes if you go a little overboard, or at least, what overboard is to me (it’s still pretty tame, I’m not looking to blast off into another dimension). About two hours has elapsed since I first smoked and now I finish off an additional ½g joint. Maybe it’s just how it effects me personally, but Hawaiian is really, really strong.

Looking at the cannabinoid profiles, they are definitely respectable numbers but nothing stands out as extremely high that can account for this feeling, so it must be the terpenes or the interplay between them and the cannabinoids. With smoking this amount the pleasant feelings are all there but there’s a slight heaviness to my eyes and I feel like I could go for a nap.

So, at least for me, it goes like this: use a little to get things done, use a lot for bed. I couldn’t ask for more in one little plant.

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