The Health Benefits Of CBD

CBD Health Benefits

Everyone wants to heal, right? I mean, being unhealthy and sick kind of sucks. Luckily, CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a medicine. People everywhere are using it for healing, literally. It’s crazy because even doctors are using it and it’s working!

Who would have ever thought that marijuana would cure our problems? Well, those in South America sure thought it would. To people in other countries, plants are like teachers that can help us and heal us. Personally, I always knew plant medicine existed in places like South America because you hear of the crazies doing Ayahuasca as an ancient practice, but I never thought it’d actually work. Yet, I gave it a try and became a crazy myself and wow! They were absolutely spot on. Yet, marijuana isn’t a plant medicine like Ayahuasca, is it? Wrong! It is and I know from personal experience. So, here’s a step – by – step instruction on how you can use marijuana as a plant medicine.

1. Ask your body what you need before you take marijuana.

Most times, we take CBD to feel good or to heal our pain or we just want to take it because..well, who knows why! I found that asking my body what I needs helps with healing. I mean, if you are breathing so is your liver and your kidney and they probably want to hang out with this plant medicine, too. So, don’t leave your body’s opinion out – ask what your body needs..literally. Go for it – have a conversation with your internal organs! Then, take your CBD and breathe with it and just take it slow for a second. There’s no need to rush off, if you’re trying to relax or heal, right? It will be a lot stronger this way, anyways.

2. Set an intention for healing.

So, your body has life, but so does the plant because it’s the teacher, right? I mean, obviously people have trips all of the time and that doesn’t just come from something that grows in the garden. So, talk to the plant because the plant is breathing, too and it only wants to help, and don’t forget that the plant can actually hear you, which is a bit spooky, but totally true. I have found that meditating before I take CBD helps me set an intention for the plant and for my body, making everything way more beneficial. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try, too! So go for it – close your eyes.

3. Take CBD and Breathe it in.

Obviously, we aren’t going to sit all day with marijuana unless we are extremely devoted, but we really don’t have to! It really only needs to take a minute or two. So, just try and sit with the plant for a minute or two and allow it in! Luckily, here at Dr. Ganja, all of our products are of the highest quality, so you don’t need to worry about anything when you take CBD! In fact, you may even want to try using CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Extra Strength 2500 mg CBDistillery.

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