3Chi Pineapple Express Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review

3Chi Pineapple Express Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review

Who is 3Chi?

Chi is the Chinese word for life force. That’s the genesis of the name of 3Chi, the company. The inspiration for this name came from the beneficial nature of cannabis and physical and mental well-being. The founder used his biochemistry background and 15 years of product formulation experience to forge a CBD company committed to innovation. 3Chi makes and markets a number of CBD products as well as other cannabinoid products. Part of its arsenal includes delta-8 THC products.

The company makes most of its own extracts in-house, while others come from well-known Arizona labs. Third-party labs test and verify the safety and purity of everything 3Chi makes, showing their unwavering commitment to quality. They’re all about offering customers the best possible merchandise.

3Chi Pineapple Express Delta 8 Vape Cartridge: Product Specifications

  • Product Size: 1ml
  • Potency: 900mg of Delta 8 THC; 50mg of CBN, CBC, Pineapple Express terpenes
  • Made With: USA-grown industrial hemp
  • Ingredients: Hemp derived oil and Pineapple Express terpenes
  • No cutting agents or plastic materials
  • Caution: This product could cause positive drug screening. Although Delta 8 THC is federally legal, each state has its own laws. Some states do not permit the use of cannabinoids at this time since THC is psychotropic. You shouldn’t drive after vaping with this product. They recommend consulting your doctor before use.
  • Suggested Use: This cartridge works with any 510-thread battery. Screw on the cart, and press the power button. Then inhale once or twice from the mouthpiece. Within minutes the effects will kick in. After you determine how the delta-8 THC affects you, consume as desired.
  • Contains: less than 0.3% delta-9 THC

Appearance, labeling & first impressions

The product comes in a plastic sleeve. That’s pretty typical for a vape cart. A blister on the left side of the packaging houses the cart. And there’s a two-sided cardboard insert behind the cartridge.

The cover art of the insert features a pineapple with sunglasses and a smile. That’s a cute way of emphasizing that it has Pineapple Express specific terpenes. And the lettering on the front states that. It also prominently features the 3 Chi brand name. It notes that this is a delta-8 THC product. The final piece of information is the volume of 1 ml.

On the backside of the insert, there’s a lot of information. The first thing at the very top is the strain name. It also notes Pineapple Express’s Sativa lineage.

Next, there is some text about the contents of the cartridge. The insert states that it has 95% delta-8 THC oil and 5% terpenes. So there’s no mystery about what’s in the vape cart.

Also, there’s a QR-code that you can scan with a smartphone. A link will appear that takes you to the company’s website. There, consumers can scrutinize the 3rd party testing information.

Just below that is a list of ingredients. It’s pretty simple — hemp extract and terpenes. That’s all.

In addition, there are the directions for use and they’re very thorough. It tells users to remove the silicone covers from the cart. Then screw it onto the 510 threaded battery base. Don’t overtighten. The packaging recommends taking one puff and waiting 20 minutes. After that, it says you can dose more if wanted. Typical doses are 1-2 puffs.

There are also some precautions noted. One says, don’t operate machinery while using the product or while pregnant. The text reminds consumers that they have to be of legal age to use cannabis. In most places that age is 21. There is a warning that using the cart may result in a positive drug test.

Below the warning section is a statement about the contents. The oil in the cartridge is 100% hemp-derived. It contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. And then there’s the batch number and expiration date.

It then identifies 3Chi as the manufacturer. Below that is the company web address and social media links. And the very last thing is a product bar code.

Smell and taste

There’s definitely a strong pineapple taste with each and every puff of this cart. Some cannabis products have a plain hemp taste. It’s not bad, just plantlike. And others are quite flavorful. This hemp oil is like that.

And it smells sweet and fruity. It leaves a pleasant fragrance hanging in the air. It’s not skunky or weedy. It’s identifiably pineapple.

And it’s fairly smooth. There’s some coughing, but not as bad as some other carts. Some are quite harsh. This cart isn’t like that.

Testing process and experience

The nice thing about vaping is that after puffing, relief comes within minutes. Mentally and physically this Sativa can make a user feel more energized. Dosing can reduce pain, lethargy, and depression. That was certainly my own experience.

Carts are easy to use over and over and over. There are dozens of doses in each 1ml cartridge. How long it lasts depends on how often you use it. But it only takes 1 or two puffs at a time to get effects that last. The initial high is brief, but the benefits can last for hours. Again that’s how this product worked for me.

Portability is also a benefit of vaping cannabis. You can take it with you. There are concerns and warning against driving under the influence of hemp products. That includes stimulating ones.

I find Sativa’s better for morning or early afternoon because of their stimulation. They can be akin to strong coffee or energy drinks. The only downside might be some jitteriness. I would recommend against dosing when also drinking coffee or energy drinks. That could be too much.

Final Verdict

A Sativa cart will stimulate and this one does that. I felt buzzed briefly but had energy for several hours. I felt there was also some pain relief. Individual user experiences can vary. That’s true with any products that affect you mentally or physically. Thus. I suggest going slow. Try a little at first – one or two puffs. Give yourself some time to assess how it seems to be affecting you before taking a 2nd dose. After that, you can vape as needed or desired.

I like to keep a cart handy for quick and convenient dosing. They’re so easy to use with a standard 510-threaded vape pen. A push of a button, a quick puff or two and you’re good to go. The brief buzz is nice, but the longer-lasting benefits are even better.

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