Endoca Hemp Salve Review


Sometimes skin or muscles become so sore that you need some serious hemp salve. From my experience, Endoca makes some serious hemp salve. 750mg is potent CBD healing, I tell you.

This cannabis salve is good for a variety of skin problems. Topicals provide organic relief for skin irritation and itchiness. This CBD solution can also moisturize dry skin, plus promote skin cell growth. It also treats burns, cuts, skin fungus and minor insect bites. Just rub some on areas of irritation and experience relief within minutes.

And, like hemp cream, this skin treatment can soak in and relieve muscle tension, too.

There are a variety of cannabidiol salves and creams from different companies. All of them make similar claims to helping healing. But the proof is in the using. So, I decided to give Endoca’s product a try.

Who is Endoca?

Endoca’s founder Henry Vincenty searched the globe for the best organic therapies. CBD had many of the qualities he’d long sought. It is safe, organic, sustainable, and medically beneficial. He decided to start a company to produce high quality, pure cannabidiol products. He wanted to offer an alternative to big pharma drugs and prescriptions. Thus, Vincenty created Endoca.

Endoca oversees every step of production. The company uses strict guidelines to make high quality supplements. There’s nothing artificial in anything they make. Their products contain full spectrum CBD oil with beneficial terpenes and flavonoids.

Endoca puts out a wide variety of cannabis merchandise. There’s oil and capsules, and there’s body butter as well as salve. Their excellent solution shows that they know what effective CBD treatments are all about.

Endoca Hemp Salve: product specifications

  • 100% natural, organic and food-grade ingredients
  • 750mg of CBD from hemp
  • 30ml container
  • Antioxidant skin conditioning
  • Antiseborrheic skin protectant
  • Made from U.S. grown plants
  • Certified organic ingredients so pure you can eat it
  • Ingredients: CBD (cannabidiol), coconut oil, beeswax, cannabis sativa seed oil, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, limonene, citral, vanilla, vitamin E

Appearance, labeling and first impressions

I was pretty eager to try out this product when it arrived in the mail. It arrived in a sturdy cardboard container. There was plenty of padding to ensure it arrived intact. Inside the postal box was the Endoca salve. I needn’t have worried about the condition of the waxy substance because it comes in a solid metal jar.

The product box and the jar have the same green and white colors. Both have the Endoca logo and tell you that you’re holding 750mg of hemp salve.

The box has labeling that notes that the contents are 100% organic. It is quality certified. The ingredients inside are non-GMO. And the company states that it is against animal testing. They have the full list of ingredients printed out on the container. And there’s a warning about not storing the salve in direct sunlight. Ideally you should refrigerate the product.

The only other thing noteworthy on the box is Endoca’s physical address in the EU. They include phone numbers for American and European customers. Their email and web addresses are clearly stated.

The jar lid notes that product has antioxidant skin conditioning. Further, it says it is an antiseborrheic skin protectant. That means that it’s good for dermatitis and similar skin conditions. Good to know.

Around the cylindrical metal jar is more interesting information. They printed the word ‘hemp’ in big letters. So, they want you to know what the main ingredient is. It states that Endoca uses ‘all organic certified ingredients’. This ointment is also supposed to be ‘so pure that you can eat it’! I will let you know how that goes.

Included on the small metal jar of hemp salve is the size, 30ml or one ounce. The skin treatment contains vitamin E. Vitamin E is good for skin moisturizing, helps heal wounds and boosts skin health.

Lastly, the label tells you that the contents are 100% organic.

There are no real use instructions on the jar or box, but you can figure it out easily. Skin solutions should obviously get rubbed onto your skin.

Smell and taste

The top of this topical unscrews very easily. The salve itself has a very waxy texture. It’s a light green in color. This isn’t a cream. There’s some resistance when you push your fingers against the surface. Then the waxy substance gives way and you can scoop some up with your fingertips.

The smell of the wax is citrusy. It’s a lemon-lime smell reminiscent of a bubbling glass of Sprite.

And I did taste it. The food grade product has a lemony taste and waxy texture. It wasn’t bad.

Testing process and experience

I have systemic osteoarthritis. Due to my joint pain I often wear supports for my back, knees and ankles. This can cause chafing and irritation. So I was eager to see how the Endoca solution treated my skin irritation.

I picked a sore spot on my back and tried a dab of the skin treatment. When you rub the Endoca salve on your skin it feels somewhat sticky. That stickiness gives way to an oily feel that you can rub in further. Eventually it soaks all the way into your skin.

It took about 10 minutes for the full effects of the treatment to relieve my pain. However, within a couple minutes I did start to notice some improvement begin.

I felt that as the wax soaked into my skin, it seemed to spread to the underlying muscles. I have a lot of muscle cramps, so this is encouraging. Although hemp cream seems to soak into skin faster, the salve stayed longer. I think that if it stays longer then the effects seem to last a bit longer.

750mg of CBD is potent. I have used creams that are not as strong and you can tell the difference. The Endoca product’s effects seemed to last almost 2 hours before I had to reapply. And 1 ounce of skin treatment should last you awhile. I didn’t have to apply much, just a small dollop.

Final Verdict

I really believe that Endoca puts out a really good hemp salve. The packaging and container were solid and informative. But there’s no real instructions on how to use it. That said, it isn’t hard to figure out.

Insofar as how much to use, that you’ll have to estimate. For minor cuts, scrapes or soreness a small dab should do. If it hurts more you can use more.

I think someone with chronic skin irritation would find Endoca’s salve ideal. It also works well on minor cuts, scrapes and patches of dry skin. It does soak through the skin into the muscles. That way, you can use it on muscle aches too.

Endoca’s hemp salve will definitely be part of my skin care arsenal from now on!

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