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Enjoy several products that include but are not limited to cannabinoids such as Delta-9 THC, HHC, THCO, CBD, CBC, CBN and 3CHI Delta 8. 3 CHI offers a variety of ways to include hemp in daily activities including edibles such as 3chi delta 8 gummies, delta 9 shot beverages, tinctures, concentrates, cannabinoid derived terpenes and best of all 3CHI vape. Order today and give yourself the gift of calm serenity!

The Healing Powers Of Hemp

The 3 CHI brand emerged from obscurity to lay the groundwork for hemp based cannabinoid products. The founder and CEO, Justin Journay, is a biochemist with over 15 years of experience in product formulation. When he saw firsthand what the medicinal potential of the hemp plant entailed, he knew that from there on out his future would rest on scientific research focusing primarily on cannabinoids.

In fact, Journay often discusses the therapeutic potential of CBD and 3CHI delta 8. The hemp industry is making strides to prove this potential and Journay has been quite influential in these matters. A 2018 trial published in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics includes mention that delta-8-thc is a “potent anti-inflammatory with the effects similar to prednisone” (Leafly).

And due to these recent acknowledgements of the potential benefits of d8, we are always excited to see what innovators in the hemp industry, like Journay, have in store for us next.

Laboratory Innovation

Determined to research and study cannabinoids in order to develop great products, Journay knew he would need to establish a certified laboratory space and to unify an exceptional team.

Journey’s solution evolved into what is now known as 3C Labs Manufacturing. Its headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is where all the diligent research, development and tireless testing takes place.

Everyday at 3 C Labs employees engage in finding innovative ways to isolate the lesser known cannabinoids like THCO or Delta 6a10a. During this process each cannabinoid isolate can be developed into its own product or it can contribute to a special blend with other cannabinoids.

Testing different combinations of cannabinoids creates new opportunities for analgesic purposes, as well as for recreational enjoyment. In fact, their custom blends focus on the unique properties each cannabinoid has to offer. Mixtures often include specific and intentional selections of terpenes in order to deliver the best custom effects.

Developing high quality hemp products like 3CHI delta 8 takes time and necessitates thorough efforts to push the boundaries of the hemp industry. 3C Labs has proven their commitment to innovating great products with their focus on authentic research and rigorous testing.

All testing is performed at 3C Labs Inc. in their very own in-house ISO accredited laboratory. Testing products like their HHC Sauce is a very serious undertaking and is not taken lightly at this laboratory. Each type of extract endure prompt tests at the extract level. This allows customers to view the abundance of cannabinoid content within the product they are likely to purchase.

Delta Specific High Performance Liquid Chromatography

The methods in testing are progressing in order to ensure products are consistently potent and safe for consumption like 3CHI carts. The D-Spec (Delta Specific) is just one of the latest endeavors taken on by this celebrated hemp company. The development of this high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) testing system is quite an improvement over the older technology.

With the new D-SPEC system, they can skirt challenges of weaker testing systems of the past and set a higher standard in quality, safety and legal compliance. Other testing systems may have shorter run-times, but 3C’s testing methods are more accurate in identifying each cannabinoid. And nothing quite comes close to the precise measurement of the concentration / potency that D-SPEC provides.

With a great amount of detail of a product’s chemical makeup, batch testing results are more accurate. This enables 3C Labs to protect their brands specialty products from counterfeiting and provide a lasting guarantee that their products are authentic and safe.

High Standard Industry Leaders

It is also essential to be in compliance in order to legitimately certify that they meet all state or federal safety requirements. Meeting all requirements is important to the company because they dedicate their work and products to the advocacy of cannabis legalization and equality projects.

One of the ways 3CHI can substantiate this path to legalization is to model responsible and effective hemp industry operation standards. By committing to this high standard, they hope all other industry leaders will follow suit.

And it is due to their high standards that 3 CHI products have risen to the top and represent the best in the hemp industry. No one before them has been so dependable in the advanced delivery of consistently pure, potent and safe hemp-based products to the market.

They have brought more minor cannabinoids to the center stage like THCV and 3CHI HHC. And they have such an incredible range in products like tinctures, oils, topicals, cannabis derived terpenes, food products such as 3CHI delta 8 gummies and vapor products like their 510-threaded battery 3CHI cart.

Most of their tinctures are of the broad spectrum variety blended with several hemp extracts, natural terpene blends and medium chain triglycerides. Isolates are also available in powder or oil form that are ready for various applications including vaping, dabbing and/or food recipes.

Baked edibles like chocolates and peanut butter nuggets or drink additives like Delta 9 Drink Enhancer should not go without mention here. The variety of hemp cannabinoids in tasty treats are numerous and are continually being added to their very enormous menu. There is never a shortage of things to munch on with the best in hemp extracts.

There is an endless selection of vaporizer carts and disposable vapes with just about any blend of hemp extracts you can think of. They also include cannabis derived terpenes to match the best in varieties of known and well-loved strains like Green Crack, Pineapple Express and Granddaddy Purple. Shop by strain or by specific focus blends such as calm, focus, comfortably numb, happy, sleep or soothe.

Trend Setting And The Future

As if this hemp manufacturer wasn’t setting enough trends, they have risen to all new heights. Not many hemp or cannabis manufacturers have gained acceptance through the mainstream media until hemp found NASCAR or NASCAR found hemp.

A partnership with RCR (Richard Childress Racing) in 2022 was groundbreaking for the hemp industry. 3CHI vape is the first hemp-based manufacturer to contribute brand sponsorship to a NASCAR team and/or any major professional sport.

Currently the plan for the company employing more than 300 people is to invest in expansion of their offices in Carmel and Indianapolis. They also plan to add just over 400 more positions in the company, as well as continuing down the long path of discovery and innovation.

Ultimately, their mission is to bring happiness to as many people as possible. Their endeavor is to “bring equilibrium within the human body” so people can be the healthiest versions of themselves. And that is why 3 CHI offers the most consistent hemp products for the world.