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Supplementing with CBD isn’t hard, but it certainly feels like leveling up when you find a brand that offers a whole range of ultra high-potency products. Nothing beats full-spectrum cannabinoids in powerful doses from a trusted provider.

Straight from the Doctor (Dr.Ganja)’s mouth, here are our favorite ways to use CBD products as a health and wellness supplement.

Along With Your Other Vitamins

Don’t add another step to your already busy daily routine. Instead, try adding CBD to your vitamin routine at any time of day.

Lazarus Naturals even makes a vegan and gluten-free capsule, which we offer at a low price, to fit nondairy and celiac needs, so just about everybody can benefit from adding a CBD capsule into a successful day. Don’t worry about meeting an order minimum, either — Dr. Ganja believes in free shipping for all domestic orders.

In Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a truly natural triple threat, so when it’s combined with the power of hemp-based cannabis, you know you’re experiencing some of the best nutrition nature has to offer. This makes our prices for this CBD product all the more astounding.

With 50mg of CBD per teaspoon, Lazarus Naturals organic coconut oil is a great choice to cook with due to the low smoke point of coconut oil. Or, you can apply it to the skin as a healing topical.

As an Isolate

Isolates are one of the most versatile forms in which you can buy CBD. Whether you decide to add the isolate to food or drink, or vape it to enjoy its unique terpene-enhanced flavors, choosing to supplement CBD with an isolate is made easier by just how versatile this highly pure CBD form is.

You can even add CBD isolate to heated honey, then let it cool before using on food. Lazarus Naturals offers a variety of flavors and types, which we offer for the lowest price possible.

Classic RSO

A targeted blend of hemp and MCT oil is an excellent vehicle for CBD.

Dosing is ultra-easy with this high-CBD blend, which can be added to food or drink or placed simply under the tongue.

Did we answer all your questions? Got more? Leave them in the comments below, and let us know what your favorite CBD delivery methods are too! And don’t forget to use my special promo code TAKE5 to get an extra discount.

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