What Are CBD Tinctures and How Do They Work?


    There are so many ways to supplement with CBD. Are they all created equal? In this Dr.Ganja blog we’ll explore what CBD tinctures are, how they work, and why you should try them out if you’re seeking a reliable and easy-to-use CBD supplement.

    To understand CBD tinctures, you’ll first need an understanding of where CBD comes from and how it’s made into the final product. As we already know, CBD, or a cannabinoid named cannabidiol, can help decrease inflammation, promote relaxation, and much more. It is often extracted from the hemp plant, which acts as a guarantee that CBD alone will be isolated and not THC — which is the chemical in the cannabis sativa plant that causes consumers to feel “stoned.”

    First, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using various processes. The specific method depends on the company, but an alcohol-based extraction is common. Next, it must be infused into oil, as cannabinoids are activated by fatty acids. This is done through a simple cooking process performed at low heat in order to preserve the plant’s many terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids.

    After that, the oil is blended — along with other carrier oils that can help CBD work even more efficiently and powerfully in your body — into what’s called a tincture.

    Tinctures often come in bottles with a dropper or a sprayer that can be aimed directly into the mouth — just another indicator of how simple these supplements are to use. They’re best kept in a refrigerator, where they can last a long time unused.

    When you dose with CBD tincture, whether it’s a larger or smaller amount, the supplement can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to create effects in your body. Although it can be tempting to double up on your dose if you don’t notice a difference right away, it’s best to wait 2 hours before you take more.

    Remember earlier, when we mentioned the way certain fatty acids are necessary to activate cannabinoids like CBD? Well, that’s exactly what tincture is all about. Instead of taking in CBD through vaping, eating edibles, or smoking your supplements, tinctures work in tandem with the human endocannabinoid system, or ECS, to deposit CBD into your bloodstream. Once enough time has passed, your body can even build up a store of CBD so that there’s a constant and even amount in your bloodstream from day to day — just like when you take antibiotics or other prescription medications over a period of time.

    Since CBD tincture is not psychoactive and therefore won’t get you high, there’s no one time of day that you should or should not supplement with tinctures — it’s safe and entirely up to you. Many people trying CBD like to test out different dosage times, such as right before bed or first thing in the morning, to find out what works best for them. Plus, CBD tinctures are kind to the body and unlikely to cause any harmful side effects.

    Some of our favorites include:

    1. CBDistillery’s High Potency CBD Tincture
    2. Tree of Life Extra Strength CBD Tincture

    Did we answer all your questions? Got more? Leave them in the comments below, and let us know what your favorite CBD tinctures are too! And don’t forget to use my special promo code TAKE5 to get an extra discount.


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