7 Easy Ways to Make CBD a Daily Routine


Research shows that CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp and cannabis can help decrease inflammation, soothe pain and promote calm in the storm that’s many of our daily lives.

But if you’ve ever been the type of person to buy four kinds of vitamins at once, then wind up three years later with four unopened bottles of vitamins — you might find yourself wondering how best to easily integrate a CBD regimen into your busy day-to-day.

That’s okay. Dr.Ganja is the expert and we’re here to make things simple for you. Here are 3 of the easiest ways to make CBD part of a daily routine.

Spray It Down

CBD oil sprays might be the simplest possible way to slip a dose of cannabidiol into your day. A wealth of sprays, made by BeTru Organics, Aceso Wellness and CBD For Life, are all effective methods of delivery. Just spritz a spray or two under the tongue, hold it there and swallow, and you’re good to go.

Drop, Drop, Drop

If you prefer the chance to have a little more variety in dose, or if pressing down on a sprayer just straight up annoys you, CBD drops also come in a basic, easy-to-use dropper form. And with hemp oil drops from Endoca, of which there are a wide variety available, you also get a proprietary blend of cannabinoids, omega fatty acids, minerals and vitamins which can assist in balancing your daily diet.

Call Upon the Healing Powers of Balms

If drops and sprays weren’t easy enough, CBD also comes blended into all sorts of balms for nearly every topical need you can think of.

With formulations crafted specifically for headache relief (to be massaged into the temples), sore muscles and cracked lips therapy, you can be sure that there’s a product out there that fits your exact needs.

And even if you’re not exactly suffering from any ailments, a little beeswax CBD lip balm never hurts.

Did we answer all your questions? Got more? Leave them in the comments below, and let us know what your favorite CBD uses are! And don’t forget to use my special promo code TAKE5 to get an extra discount.

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